10 Warmest Kids Snowsuits: From Toddler to Teen (Don’t Let the Cold Stop Them Playing)

by Alaina Johnson | Updated: September 12th, 2023 |  Skiing Articles

Kids grow quickly and you may find that they've completely outgrown their gear from last season, leaving you on that last-minute hunt to find the perfect snowsuit for them before your family can hit the slopes this ski season.

The list below provides some of the best options on the market today, featuring warm insulation, waterproof and durable fabric, and unique color and design options that will keep your child trendy and cozy all winter long.

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What Makes a Good Snowsuit for Children?

Before deciding on a brand, you'll want to gauge the important factors of the snowsuit. Gear from cheaply made material can break down quickly, leaving your child wet and cold after hours spent playing in the snow.

Investing in quality is key to getting a lot of use out of your child's snowsuit, even if they'll outgrow it in a year or two. Many ski shops will buy second-hand gear at a discounted price, so this is an option to consider while your child is going through growth spurts.

Snowsuits for babies and toddlers don't have to provide the same level of functionality as their teen counterparts. Parents should focus on finding a suit that includes a warm-down filling, waterproof fabric, and something durable enough to manage daily activity.

Tip: Some brands provide qualities such as room to grow, allowing your child to stay in the same snowsuit for a couple of seasons.

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This factor can allow parents to conserve the budget while keeping their child comfortable, warm, and dry all winter long. Depending on whether your child prefers a one-piece or a two-piece design, some brands may be more suitable than others. One-piece designs are often more secure and easier to get a young child in and out of. Two-piece suits, on the other hand, often grow well with the child and you can mix and match colors and styles.

10 Best Snowsuits for Toddlers & Teens

With so many snowsuit options on the market today, this is a handy list of the top styles and brands for the upcoming ski season. Whether you're looking to dress your infant or your ever-growing teenager, the snowsuits below provide options for everyone.

1. Reima Reimatec One Piece

This is the perfect snowsuit for babies, as it features an easy-on and easy-off design. Available in two colors, burnt orange, and teal, this snowsuit provides two neutral color options for your child. There are sizing options available for infants, all the way up to 12-month-olds. The snowsuit features warm insulation and water-resistant and windproof fabric, which keeps your child warm and cozy all day long.

The elastic leg ends on this snowsuit provide a snug fit on your baby, which prevents excess wind to creep into the outfit. Another unique quality of this design is that it can double as a sleeping bag, which makes it stand out from the competitors.

2. Arctix Kids Snow Suit

These Arctix snowsuits come in a wide variety of colors, which allows your child to let their personality shine on the slopes. There are several camouflage options, as well. The snowsuits are machine washable, which is a convenient quality after long days on the slopes where sweat, ice, and dirt can leave the exterior less than clean. There is a durable coating that keeps the snowsuit waterproof, windproof, and resistant to abrasions.

Arctix tests their clothing items in extreme temperatures, which provides confidence that the snowsuits will hold up to a day on the slopes. This is an affordable option when compared to other, more popular brands, and it remains comparable in quality and design.

3. Burton One Piece Snowsuit

This one-piece snowsuit from Burton provides sizing up to four years old. While there are only two design options, your child is sure to choose one that suits them and provides them with insulation while they're enjoying various outdoor adventures.

There are two layers of fabric, which provide extra waterproofing to keep your toddler warm and dry. The room-to-grow feature allows the legs and sleeves to be extended by 1.5 inches, which enables your child to wear the snowsuit for multiple seasons before needing a new one. The Burton snowsuit isn't bulky on your child, yet keeps them warm all day in freezing temperatures. The one-piece stays light and breathable, which is key to all-day comfort.

4. THE NORTH FACE Infant Snowsuit

The North Face is a brand that needs no introduction. The quality of these infant snowsuits is second to none and they provide the backing of a trustworthy brand that's been around for decades. This snowsuit is sold in two colors, purple floral and black.

Sizing options on this snowsuit range from 3 months, up to 24 months. This provides a couple of years to style your infant in these sustainably made, waterproof snowsuits. There is a breathable membrane that allows the suit to be both waterproof and comfortable at the same time, as opposed to designs that become uncomfortably warm when worn for several hours.

The Baby Freedom Snowsuit features an attached hood, with a rain-guard tunnel. This provides a snug fit for your child, so you won't need to worry about their head becoming exposed to the elements.

5. London Fog Snowsuit

This adorable snowsuit provides over 20 different options for your daughter to choose from. This is a great way to provide your child with something they're excited to wear while keeping them warm and protected while out in the elements. The London Fog snowsuit has a polyester shell and lining with elastic closures. The snowsuit comes with a jacket, which adds a bonus to those looking to purchase a matching set. Both items are machine washable, which is a priority for many parents.

London Fog has been around since 1923, which provides peace of mind when considering them as a brand option. Your child will be wearing their new snowsuit and puffer jacket all season long, with no issues with the quality.

6. Carter's Boys Snowsuit

The Carter's snowsuit comes in 14 color options, which feature a range of attractive designs that will keep your child excited to get dressed to go skiing. The set includes a matching jacket and snow bib.

The snowsuit is wind and water-resistant, which is key when finding a durable snowsuit that holds up well on the ski slopes. The material feels thick and on the heavier side when compared to the lightweight competitors but it holds up well and keeps your toddler insulated.

Marketed as a ski suit as well, this snowsuit can be worn on a variety of occasions. This can replace your child's winter jacket and also provide the perfect layers for a trip to the mountains to ski, snowboard, or go tubing.

7. Yeefine Ski Suit

The YEEFINE ski suits are trendy enough for teenagers while keeping them comfortable while skiing and snowboarding. There are 14 color options, many of which feature a neutral one-tone color. Some show a bit more personality, with paint splatter or tie-dye options.

The snowsuits have a thick waterproof shell and a breathable lining that prevents the suit from becoming too warm. There is a detachable hood that can be removed for those who prefer to wear other hats. Sizing ranges from extra small to extra large, with multiple options in between. There is an elastic waist belt, which helps to achieve a snug fit. The raised color design is perfect for keeping the neck warm, especially when combined with a gaiter or balaclava.

8. Obermeyer Katze Suit

This snowsuit is great for kids between three and four years old. There are two color options, navy blue, and rust. The price has been reduced, making this a great, budget-friendly option that is incredibly durable and waterproof.

There is an adjustable waist, which allows your child to enjoy a snug fit. The extended wear system allows the snowsuit to grow with your child, thus eliminating a tight, ill-fitting snowsuit by the end of the season. Areas of high use, such as the knees, rear, and inseams have been thoughtfully reinforced. This prevents tearing and ripping during regular wear. There are integrated clips on the snowsuit, which are perfect for attaching mittens.

9. Bluemagic Kid's Snowsuit

The Bluemagic snowsuit provides a wide range of features, all while staying at a reasonable budget for many families. The material is waterproof and breathable, with reinforced seams and a convenient zipper at the back which allows the toddler to step in and out of the suit.

There is a hidden storm hood that has been built into the snowsuit, as well as a velcro tightening system that allows the suit to be snug yet comfortable. With many options available, your son or daughter will be able to choose one that suits their personality and keeps them visible on the slopes.

Sizing options are available from three years old, all the way to twelve. This provides a wide range of options and some women with a smaller stature find that the larger sizes are a suitable fit for them as well.

10. Columbia Frosty Slope Set

These high-quality Columbia snowsuits come in three color options, all of which include zipper closures, nylon lining, and machine-washable materials. The suits are a two-piece design, which includes a winter jacket and a snow bib.

Regardless of what your child enjoys doing in the snow, whether it be skiing or snowboarding or simply sledding or tubing down the local hills — the Columbia slope set will keep them warm and dry all winter. The coat is lined with fleece and features an adjustable hood.

Toddlers are naturally active and they require outerwear that keeps up with them. Columbia is a trusted brand for a reason and the slop set snowsuit will hold up throughout the season, with no rips or tears from normal use.

Stay Warm this Winter: The Best Snowsuits for Kids of All Ages

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When choosing the best snowsuit for your child or teen, you'll want to first find one that's within your budget. Some brands sell suits for hundreds of dollars, while others provide quality options for under $100.

The next step you'll need to take is determining whether your child would prefer a one-piece suit for convenience or a two-piece. As children age, the multi-piece options tend to be the better choice in terms of comfort and the ability to remove the jacket while indoors.

It can be frustrating to constantly need to replace your child's clothing due to growth spurts. Luckily, many snowsuit options on the market allow the legs and arms of the suits to be lengthened throughout the year, which keeps your child in a snowsuit that fits them as they grow.