How To Fall On Skis & NOT Hurt Yourself

For every new skier, falling on skis is an inevitable right of passage. While I can’t guarantee that every fall is going to be painless, if you follow the techniques below, you’re more likely to survive falls unscathed. The first rule for falling with skis is when possible: always try and land with your skis … Continue reading “How To Fall On Skis & NOT Hurt Yourself”

How to Ski While It’s Snowing!

With fresh powdery snow to ski in, skiing in snow can be a wonderful thing. Under the wrong conditions of a blizzard or wet heavy snow and strong wind, skiing can be miserable. While every skier has their own unique viewpoint, most can agree that skiing when there’s no wind, but lovely light and fluffy powder … Continue reading “How to Ski While It’s Snowing!”

7 Tips to Keep Your Feet Warm While Skiing

There is nothing like cold feet to make you feel miserable on the slopes – except perhaps falling flat on your face. It’s an all too common problem for skiers, especially for new skiers who have yet to learn the tips and tricks to keep themselves warm. If your toes are cold, not only is it … Continue reading “7 Tips to Keep Your Feet Warm While Skiing”