Skier Pulls Off Daring 115-Foot Front Flip On Artificial Slope

by Simon Naylor | Published: September 14th, 2023 |  Ski News

In a jaw-dropping feat of athleticism and daring, professional skier Anthony Robert landed a 115-foot front flip on an artificial ski slope. Robert, a ski instructor and content creator known for pushing the boundaries of what's possible on skis, shared a video of the stunt on social media earlier this week.

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The video shows Robert launching off a massive jump on the artificial slope, rotating forward in the air while keeping his skis perfectly aligned, before landing cleanly on the unforgiving plastic surface. Onlookers can be heard gasping and shouting in amazement as Robert sticks the landing.

Not Robert's First Rodeo On Artificial Slopes

This death-defying front flip is not Robert's first foray onto artificial turf. Last year, he showed off his versatility by launching off a jump on an artificial slope in the style of a classic ski jumper, wearing long skis and a speed suit.

Robert has made a name for himself over the past few years with his skiing videos that push the envelope of what's perceived as possible. He's landed numerous record-breaking jumps and tricks on both snow and artificial surfaces. Earlier this year, he landed a 112-foot triple backflip on a kicker made entirely of dirt and wood.

Artificial Slopes Pose Unique Challenges

Dry Ski Slope

While sensational tricks like Robert's 115-foot front flip may look effortless, landing them on artificial slopes poses unique challenges compared to snow. The hard, unforgiving surface leaves no margin for error and punishes even small mistakes harshly.

The artificial material also causes skis to slide differently than on snow. Skiers need to account for that increased speed and slickness in their takeoff and landing.

Pushing The Limits

Videos of daredevil stunts on artificial slopes have become popular in recent years as skiers seek new ways to push the limits of their sport. With so many legendary feats having already been accomplished on snow, artificial terrain presents a new frontier.

Robert and other skiers making names for themselves on artificial slopes have racked up millions of social media views and become minor sports celebrities in the process. Many parlay their online fame into lucrative sponsorship deals with brands.

Pushing Too Far?

But the trend concerns some who feel stunts like Robert's 115-foot front flip cross the line from daring to reckless.

Other industry insiders argue artificial slope stunts ultimately provide a net benefit. "It drives innovation and progression which filters through the whole sport," said Brown. "As long as athletes are transparent about the risks and train properly, I don't see the harm."

Robert remains undeterred by the critics of his envelope-pushing stunts on artificial slopes. In an interview after landing the 115-foot front flip, he remarked: "People thought a triple cork was impossible until someone proved otherwise. Progress requires taking risks."

One thing is certain: with skiers like Robert continuing to push boundaries, more gravity-defying feats on artificial slopes likely await in the future. The question is, how far will athletes push the limits to capture fleeting internet fame?

Key Takeaways

  • Professional skier Anthony Robert recently landed a daring 115-foot front flip on an artificial ski slope.
  • Artificial slopes pose unique challenges compared to snow, with their hard, unforgiving surfaces.
  • Robert has a history of landing sensational tricks and jumps on both snow and artificial turf.
  • Videos of extreme stunts on artificial slopes have become popular as skiers seek new ways to push limits.