Dragon D3 OTG Goggles


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Stay stylish and protected with the Dragon D3 OTG Goggles, designed specifically for eyeglass wearers. These over-the-glass goggles fit comfortably over your prescription eyewear without compromising fit or vision.

The optically correct spherical lenses provide crisp, undistorted vision and 100% UV protection. Super Anti Fog technology keeps lenses clear, while the hypoallergenic triple foam with microfleece lining ensures all-day comfort.

LUMALENS® color-optimized lens technology enhances visual definition in all light conditions for faster reaction times. Hydrophobic and oleophobic lens coatings repel water, dirt, and oils. Ionized lenses reduce glare and boost color vibrancy.

With a wide range of lens tints available, you’ll find the perfect D3 OTG goggles for your needs – from sunny or partly cloudy conditions to low-light riding. The helmet-compatible strap system ensures a secure fit whether you wear a helmet or not.

Slip on the Dragon D3 OTG Goggles over your eyewear and experience crisp optics and uncompromising comfort run after run.



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Midnight​/LumaLens Midnight​+LumaLens Violet, Split​/Lumalens Green Ion ​+ Lumalens Amber, Split​/LumaLensRedIon​+LumaLensLtRose