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by Simon Naylor | Updated: January 26th, 2023
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Welcome to our Shop. Here you’ll find a curated list of products we’ve recommended across our website.

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Best North Face Jacket for Skiing

A jacket that keeps you warm and is breathable is an essential piece of kit for your mountain adventure.

Best Walkie Talkies for Skiing

When phone signal is not strong enough or you’d heading for a backcountry adventure. Walkie-talkies give you more assured communication just when you might need it.

Best Ski Wax

Waxed bases are important for giving your ski the perfect glide across the snow and for preserving their integrity during storage.

Best Ski Bags

Protect your valuable skis during travel and for storage at home. Padding helps save your edges from knicks and scuffs.

Best Ski Edge Sharpener & Tuner

If you’re into tuning your own skis between trips to the mountain, then these handy tools are for you.

Best Women’s Ski Jackets

A jacket that keeps you warm and is breathable is an essential piece of kit for your mountain adventure.

Best Ski Boot Bags

Easily store your gear in your car, bus or plane. Ski boot bags keep your equipment organized, dry and protected.

Best Ski Socks

Ski socks are more important than you might think. We recommend merino wool for optimum comfort in all weather conditions. It keeps you dryer for longer and wicks away sweat faster.

Best Ski Locks

Keep your ski gear safe, while it’s out of view. Don’t invest hard-earned money into ski gear only to be an easy target for thieves.

Best Wireless Ski Helmet Headphones

If you’ve got a ski helmet with side pockets at the ears, then these small speakers allow you to listen to music on the slopes and easily communicate with your friends and family at the touch of a button.

Best Ski Helmets

A safer and comfortable helmet is essential for minimizing the risk of injury when skiing or snowboarding.

Best Ski Boot Dryers

There’s nothing worse than putting on damp or wet ski boots and gloves. These boot dryers are essential for drying your gear safely and quickly between runs, overnight and during ski trips. Plug them in, turn the dial and within a few hours you’ll have warm & dry gear ready for another session.

Best Ski Goggles For Bright Sun

Goggles with lenses perfect for bluebird days, when the sun is shining bright and you need a lens with a low VLT, so less light hits your eye and gives you improved contrast and vision across the trail.

Best Photochromic Ski Goggles

Photochromic lenses adapt to light. Changing to a darker tint in bright sun, and lighting up in darker environments – gives you optimum vision across overcast and bluebird days.

Best Ski Base Layers for Kids

Base layers keep your child warm, comfortable, and moisture-free all day long as they’re skiing. Merino wool is a popular choice, as it keeps the wearer insulated. Socks, long underwear, undershirts, and lightweight pants are all base layer options for skiing and snowboarding.