Is Beaver Creek Good for Beginners? (Gentle Runs & Open Terrain)

by Anthony Schwabe | Updated: October 27th, 2022 |  Skiing Articles

Finding a ski resort that is good for beginners can be challenging. A lot of resorts like to brag about their extreme and challenging runs, making it even harder to pick the right place to start out. 

Beaver Creek is a great ski resort for beginners or anyone who enjoys slower-paced skiing. Wide-open, gentle runs are the perfect terrain. There are several areas that are specifically designed for easier skiing like McCoy Park. Beaver Creek also boasts a number of ski schools to help you learn how to ski.

Beaver Creek

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 There are a few more things beginners thinking of heading to Beaver Creek on their first ski vacation should know:

A Little Bit About Beaver Creek

Beaver Colorado
Photo by Robert Tadlock licensed under CC BY 2.0

Beaver Creek is a luxury ski resort found in the state of Colorado. It is well-known for being an excellent resort featuring high-end luxury facilities and treatment. 

Lodging is split up into three villages that are interlinked by either the slopes, shuttles, or lifts. These little towns are where you’ll find all the accommodation, dining, and shopping. 

There are about 2,000 acres of skiable terrain at Beaver Creek, making it relatively small compared to some of the bigger ski resorts in the US. The majority of this terrain is covered in some way by the amazing services Beaver Creek has to offer. 

These are services like 24 ski lifts, two of which are gondolas. There are also slopeside services that will get you from your hotel plaza or bus area directly to the slopes. There are even slopeside valets that will happily store your gear for you so you are free to do what you will. 

skiing in Beaver Creek
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When it comes to snow quality and skiing, Beaver Creek is very good, albeit not the best when it comes to snowfall. The resort gets a good amount of snow each year, with the average being about 325 inches per season. 

That being said, Beaver Creek is no stranger to snowmaking practices. They can and often do create up to 650 acres worth of artificial snow. This means Beaver Creek always has quality snow, even if it hasn’t really snowed recently. 

Is Beaver Creek Good for Beginners?

In short, yes, Beaver Creek is great for beginners! That being said, let’s go through some of the reasons why it is such a good ski resort for those just starting it out or anyone who prefers a more relaxed experience on the slopes. 

Beginner Areas 

beaver creek 14
Photo by Francisco Carbajal licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

There is a lot of beginner terrain at Beaver Creek, especially around Beaver Creek Village. This isn’t boring terrain either, which is a huge plus. 

The majority of the beginner runs are found near the summit, meaning beginners have the benefit of getting to learn amongst some great views. These runs are also very wide open, which lets beginners practice freely. 

This is a pretty unique feature of Beaver Creek when compared to other ski resorts that usually relegate the beginner areas to the uneventful foot of the slopes. Everyone should get to experience the beautiful views only found near the summits, right? 

There are also dedicated slopes for beginners. McCoy Park is almost entirely for the easier green trails. This area is found at Bachelor Gulch, just like many of the other beginner runs. 

Another great area for beginners is accessed by the Arrow Bahn Express lift. Here you’ll find several well-groomed green runs that are perfect to start out on. 

Intermediate Areas

And for anyone planning a longer stay at Beaver Creek, there is the possibility to graduate up to the slightly harder intermediate slopes. 

These are all still quite tame, making them the perfect way to put new skills to the test without overstepping or overestimating yourself. The majority of these runs, just like the beginner runs, are smooth and great for cruising. 

Ski Schools

creek colorado
Photo by Francisco Carbajal licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

There are a number of ski schools that can help out beginners as well. These schools offer lessons from ages three, all the way up to adults, meaning everyone is catered for. 

The Ritz-Carlton located in Bachelor Gulch has its own dedicated ski school that is great for beginners. This school is found right near McCoy Park, giving beginners awesome access to the easier trails found within. 

There are also Beaver Creek’s own ski instructors that are very highly rated. Anyone in attendance is sure to learn some great tips and will be hitting the slopes with confidence in no time at all. 

What’s even better, these schools offer private lessons, which can be a great tool for anyone wanting to learn without the pressures group lessons can sometimes create. Just expect to spend more.

Is Beaver Creek Crowded?

Beaver Creek Ski Resort
Photo by Jeff Gunn licensed under CC BY 2.0

When it comes to learning how to ski or snowboard, crowds can be a nightmare. They can add an extra layer of pressure on beginners, making the whole experience a bit less enjoyable. Most of the time beginners will be worried about flying uncontrolled into someone else on the slopes. 

Luckily, Beaver Creek generally experiences relatively uncrowded slopes!

This is just another reason Beaver Creek is a great choice for those still learning the ropes. The decent acreage, combined with the geographical location of Beaver Creek means it’s one of the less populated ski resorts in Colorado, especially compared to neighboring Vail.

There are also dedicated areas for advanced and expert riders, meaning you won’t have to worry about rubbing shoulders with the likes of speedsters and other pros

How Hard is Beaver Creek?

Beaver Creek Runs
Photo by Snow Snow licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Like most reputable ski resorts, Beaver Creek has a great array of difficulties when it comes to slopes. It’s basically a jack of all trades. 

As we mentioned, there are some excellent sections designed specifically for beginners and children in mind, but there are also some harder runs to get the blood pumping. 

It is more skewed to the beginner and intermediate crowds, though. Real experts might have some difficulty finding highly technically challenging runs and fresh powder. 

There are definitely some options for the more advanced. The Rose Bowl Express (video below) offers several black diamond runs that should be enough to satisfy anyone looking for a challenge beyond the intermediate runs.

The biggest challenge comes in the form of the Golden Eagle trail, which is a double black diamond. This is found on the Birds of Prey lift, which has a series of difficult runs that any expert should give a try. 

For anyone looking for serious terrain parks, be warned. Beaver Creek is relatively sedate when it comes to its jumps and pipes. 

Plan Your Ski Vacation To Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Resort
Photo by Francisco Carbajal licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Beaver Creek is a great choice for anyone wanting to start out either skiing or snowboarding. The resort features all the amenities a beginner could really want. These are things like gentle, well-groomed runs, dedicated beginner areas, and excellent ski instructors. 

The slopes at Beaver Creek are also relatively uncrowded due to the resort’s geographic location and the wide nature of the slopes themselves. This is a huge plus for beginners as it can ease some of the pressures associated with busy slopes. 

For anyone considering Beaver Creek as a beginner, you can’t go wrong!

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