12 of The Most Inspirational & Thought Provoking Ski Quotes in Existence 

by Laura Penrose | Updated: October 27th, 2022 |  Skiing Articles

Whether you are nervous about your first-time skiing or you need a pick-me-up bit of inspiration from skiing, these 12 inspirational quotes will help you to get inspired and ready for the slopes.

skier in full white equipment

12. “Skis Are Not Just Pieces Of Wood, Steel & Fiberglass. They Are Tools For Escape, A Medium For Personal Expression, A Way To Challenge Fears, Push Limits And Share Incredible Experiences With Your Friends.” – Unknown

Skiing can be a great way to learn more about yourself. Escape from the world and have incredible experiences with the best people. This quote is a good reminder of everything that skiing has to offer. It’s more than just the equipment. 

Winter Park

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Tignes Piste
Photo by gbsngrhm under CC BY-SA 2.0

11. “The Pain Won’t Last, But The Memories Will.” – Unknown

Life isn’t made up of the things we have, but the memories we make. If you think about it, life is just a collection of memories. 

Unless you have an accident skiing, which I am sure will be memorable, the pain that you might experience for a brief period of time won’t last but the memories that you make while skiing will. 

This quote is a good reminder to get out there and go and make as many memories as we can.

skier olympics competition
Photo by Vegar Samestad Hansen CC BY 2.0

10. “Here In The Deep Powder Snow, You Don’t Hear Yourself Ski. You Don’t Hear Your Long Turns Or Short Turns. You Float. The Faster You Go, The Better. The Less You Struggle, The Better. You Move Through The Deep, Light Snow, Through The Deep Snow With Some Crust On It, Through The Deep Snow With Some Wind In It.” – Jacques Labrie  

A great reminder about how floating through powder becomes easier the faster you go and the less you struggle. Powder skiing becomes more effortless when you can float. 

Although this is a skiing quote, it is also a beautiful quote that mirrors life. When things are getting difficult in deep powder, just remember to float and don’t fight it. 

Orange Jacket Skier
Photo by Vegar Samestad Hansen CC BY 2.0

9.    “If You Want To Get A Good Taste Of Powder, First You Have To Eat Some.” – Bob Barnes

Powder skiing can be difficult and it’s true, that to get fully immersed in the powder skiing experience, you do have to eat some. You will develop an appreciation for powder skiing and also start to realize how much fun it can be once you get the hang of it. 


8.    “Powder Snow Skiing Is Not Fun. It’s Life, Fully Lived, A Life Lived In A Blaze Of Reality.” – Dolores LaChapelle  

It’s true, powder skiing can be not fun but that’s life. Sometimes it is fun, and sometimes it is difficult. That is reality. So, take the powder snow as it comes, hold on tight and enjoy the ride. 

Dolores LaChapelle was an American mountaineer and skier who made the first ski ascent of Mount Columbia in 1950. 

ski fall line

7.    “If You Don’t Do It This Year, You Will Be One Year Older When You Do.” – Warren Miller

Another fantastic quote from Warren Miller is a brilliant reminder that getting into skiing can be scary, but when you start, there will be no stopping you. You will probably be wondering why you didn’t start sooner. 

skier olympics competition
Photo by Vegar Samestad Hansen CC BY 2.0

6.    “There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Snow.” – Doug Coombs 

Is there no such thing as too much snow? Not according to Doug Coombs. Doug was an American mountaineer and skier who was known for pushing the limits of extreme skiing around the world. 

Especially at the moment during warmer climate and disappearing glaciers, having too much snow is something to celebrate! It’s better than not having enough snow!

fresh powder skiing

5.    “Skiing Is A Dance And The Mountain Always Leads.” – Unknown

While skiing is a dance between you and the mountain, this is a nice reminder that the mountain is always leading. When you are in the mountains, you are always at the mercy of the mountains. 

When you are in the mountains, you need to listen to what they are saying. From changes in weather to avalanches, it is so important to let the mountains lead but also enjoy the beautiful dance that the two of you can create together. 

powder ski

4.    “You Are One With Your Skis And Nature. This Is Something That Develops Not Only The Body But The Soul As Well, And It Has A Deeper Meaning For A People Than Most Of Us Perceive.” – Fridtjof Nansen

Being in nature is a fantastic escape for many people. Being with your skis and nature can be an incredibly freeing experience and can really make you feel like you are escaping from the world. 

Powder Mountain
Photo by Usestock licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0

3.    “Life Is Like Skiing. Just Like Skiing, The Goal Is Not To Get To The Bottom Of The Hill. It’s To Have A Bunch Of Good Runs Before The Sun Sets.” – Seth Godin

For most skiers, getting to the bottom of the hill isn’t the goal, it’s to enjoy each run for what it is. I love this reminder that life isn’t just about the next thing, or the next opportunity, it’s about enjoying everything that life has to offer. 

Skiing is a great way to have some of those good runs before the sun sets and really enjoy everything that life, as well as the mountains, have to offer. 

Expert Skier

2.    “A Pair Of Skis Are The Ultimate Transportation To Freedom.” – Warren Miller 

Although it is usually chair lifts, gondolas, or magic carpets that are your form of transportation whilst skiing, it’s more than that. Your skis are truly the ultimate source of transportation. 

Like Warren Miller states in his quote, your skis are the ultimate form of transportation to freedom. Skiing can set you free. It can take you away from all of the worries of the world and you can focus on just skiing and enjoy being outside in nature. 

Cool Ski Jump
Photo by planetxau licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

1.    “I think the most important thing in skiing is you have to be having fun. If you’re having fun, then everything else will come easy to you.” – Lindsey Vonn 

This quote is a great reminder of why we all want to go skiing, to have fun. And it is true if you are truly having fun in the mountains, then everything else is going to be a lot easier. 

Lindsey Vonn is a successful American ski racer who has a competitive spirit but ultimately loves to ski. She has won the World Cup overall championships, not once, not twice, but four times and is one of only two women skiers to do this.

Final Thoughts 

Whether you are a seasoned skier or an absolute beginner, these inspirational quotes are a great reminder of the beauty of skiing. The escape that we can all feel from the technological world, the good memories that you will make, and the experiences that you will feel when you connect with the snow.