How Do You Take Ski Boots Off? (One Simple Trick)

by Simon Knott | Updated: October 27th, 2022 |  Skiing Articles

So, you’ve been skiing all day and you return to your accommodation. Why is it always such a struggle to get ski boots off? What is the best way to take your ski boots off?

When you’ve been skiing all day, your feet will naturally swell, and your socks will get damp. This means it’s even harder to get your boots off. However, by following a simple set of steps you can increase the size of the boot opening to easily extract your foot. Skiers who really don’t like taking their boots off can buy a ski boot Jack, which makes the process even easier.

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Why are Ski Boots so tight?

Your ski boots provide the connection between your foot and your skis. Your boots are designed to immobilize your lower leg and foot as much as possible without causing pain. By immobilizing your leg and foot the movements of your legs are much more efficiently transferred down into the skis. This gives you the control needed to execute different skiing moves.

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Ski Boots are complex pieces of kit

Out of all your skiing equipment, ski boots easily cause the most pain and frustration to skiers. Badly fitted ski boots can cause all sorts of injuries and discomfort, such as lost toenails, cramps, and poor circulation, which often leads to numb feet and pins and needles.

It’s worth investing time to make sure you have the correct fitting boots before you venture out on the runs.

Taking your Ski Boots Off

So, you had an enjoyable day skiing, and you return to your ski boot room tired but happy. There are a few people in there already when you enter and all you can hear are moans of agony as fellow skiers writhe about, pulling their boots this way and that as they hopelessly try to get them off. It’s a tragic scene.

Does it have to be this way? Not if you follow these simple tips:

1. Take your ski jacket off.

It takes a bit of effort to take your boots off and you don’t want to be sweating. Then find somewhere to sit down where you have a bit of space.

2. Start at the toe - undo all buckles

With the ski boots flat on the floor undo all the buckles. Start at the toe and work your way up.

3. Undo top power strap

Undo the strap at the top of the boot and pull it away free.

4. Grasp the top of the tongue

Push it forward away from the boot. When it’s fully extended swing it to the left or to the right. This should make a bit of extra room for you to retract your foot.

5. Slide your other hand down the back of the boot

With the tongue still pushed forward slide your other hand down the back of the boot and ease the boot away at the same time. Your foot should come out of the boot just by applying a little pressure.

It’s always harder getting boots off because your feet will have swollen slightly during the day and your socks will be damp, which can make it more difficult to extract your foot.

Ski Boot Jacks - One simple Trick

If you still find you’re struggling even using this technique or have some mobility issues you could check out some of the ski boot jacks available on the market. They generally consist of a base plate, into which the heel of one ski boot can be slotted, against the back lip on the boot.

Weight from the other foot is applied to the plate to immobilize it, so the tongue can be pushed forward, and the foot easily extracted.