How To Have An Amazing First Date Going Skiing? (Without Failing Flat on Your Face)

by Laura Penrose | Updated: October 27th, 2022 |  Skiing Articles

A first date could be the start of something magical. When you think about a typical first date, you probably think about dinner and the movies, but another great way for a first date could be a ski date.

A good way to have a first date skiing will depend on how good both of you are at skiing. It can be a great way to get to know someone, whether you are both skiers or not.

ski first dating

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So, let’s talk about an excellent way to have a first date skiing, whether you are both black diamond professional skiers or have never skied before.

The Ski Date

couple ski date

For those lucky enough to live in a ski town or close to a ski resort, going on a skiing date can be a great way to get to know someone.

It’s a little bit different from a traditional first date, but going skiing on a first date can be a great way to get the adrenaline pumping and take away some of those pre-date nerves.

If You Are Both Skiers

If you are both skiers, this certainly will make a skiing date a little bit easier. Chances are, if you are a skier, you absolutely love going up the mountain, which is something you already share in common with your date.

You can have a fun time planning which mountain to go up, and which routes to take, with the advantage that you will both go into the date knowing what you need to go skiing.

However, if you are both great skiers, you want to keep the date light-hearted and fun. Don’t compete with each other, and don’t try and correct each other.

What If You Have Never Skied Before?

couple learning ski

If you have both never skied before, great! You can take a lesson together and learn how to ski together. What a great bonding activity!

If one of you knows how to ski and the other doesn’t, this is where it can get a little tricky. Here are a couple of things to consider:

1. Get Them A Lesson

Let me be the one to tell you teaching someone you are romantically interested in how to ski (or even a friend of yours) isn’t always the best idea. Even if you have been skiing for decades and are a great black diamond skier, you should consider getting a lesson for your date if they are new to skiing. Just trust me.

couple dating ski

Learning to ski is complex, and just like you shouldn’t always teach your friends how to ski, it can be incredibly frustrating to have some you’re romantically interested in telling you what to do. Ski instructors are trained professionals who know all the ins and outs of teaching people how to ski.

Now you might be thinking, ok, well if my date gets a lesson, then it isn’t really a date anymore? We aren’t spending time together… so what is the point? Well, just remember, they aren’t going to be in the lesson all-day.

Most ski lessons tend to be an hour or two, so for those first couple of hours, you can go and ski those black diamonds, and get the adrenalin pumping for when your date returns from their lesson.

A lesson in the morning and then you can ski the easy beginner runs with them in the afternoon!

2. Extra Preparation

couple ski mountain

Having skied for many years, you will know all of the clothes, equipment, food, and general necessities that you need to bring with you to the ski resort. However, if your date has never skied before, they may not have a good understanding of what they need to bring.

If you are going to take someone who has never skied before up a mountain, you should give them a heads up on what type of gear they are going to need. Just talking basics to get started, they are going to need waterproof pants and a jacket, along with warm layers to put underneath and a thick pair of socks.

This is of course going to depend on what they have in their closet or any spare gear that you might have in your closet, but if they/you can’t find or buy some of these basics, you can always hire some of this gear at most mountain resorts.

I would also recommend that you throw in some extra warm clothes, and any gear you have just in case they need it.

There are so many things to remember to do to get a beginner on the slopes. It’s a lot to remember for someone who has never done it before. So, if the experienced skier can do more of the planning such as picking the location, finding the tickets, and organizing how to get there, I’m sure this will be greatly appreciated.

Anything that the experienced skier can take care of to help the beginner feel more comfortable, the better day out skiing is going to be for both parties.

ski dating

3. Ski A Shorter Day

If you have never skied before, the first day can be pretty tiring. So perhaps a better idea would be to have short-day skiing and then take advantage of the après ski culture.

Even though you are going skiing, you are also going on a date and you want to get to know someone. So, take it easy and enjoy each other’s company, and if you leave halfway through the day, no worries! Skip the last couple of hours and head down the mountain to enjoy the après ski.

Après Skiing Culture

If you are planning on going on a skiing date, après ski can be a great way to continue the date into the evening. Many ski resorts around the world have a great après skiing culture with many bars and restaurants to choose from.

Warming up by the fire while sipping a mulled wine can be the perfect way to end a great day of skiing.

skiing date

Final Thoughts

A skiing date can be a great way to get to know someone and a real test of the early relationship. If you have both skied before, going on a ski date can be a great way to share the passion that you both likely have for skiing.

If one of you has skied and the other hasn’t, a ski date can be a great way to get to know somebody pretty quickly. Just make sure to get them a lesson first. And, if you have both never skied before, you will be in the same boat of learning something new together.

If the date is going well, an easy suggestion to continue is going to a local bar or restaurant to enjoy the après ski culture to unwind after a great day in the mountains.