Do Ski Resorts Rent Googles?

by Brandi Allen | Posted On: April 29th, 2020
ski goggles

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Nothing is worse than getting to the ski hill and realizing you forgot something. It’s usually on one of the little things like a glove or gaiter. In the case of these small items, you probably don’t sweat it too much. Most likely, you have an extra set in your ski pack or car, or you know someone who does. However, most of us only have one pair of goggles.

Many ski resorts do not rent out these smaller items. Fortunately, there are a few that offer goggle rentals. But that is not the case at all resorts. If a ski resort rents goggles, they are often not much cheaper to rent than to buy new.

Why Are Goggles Important to Wear?

If you’ve forgotten to pack your goggles, you might be thinking to yourself, “is it even necessary to wear goggles today?” The answer has much to do with what the weather looks like on that particular day. You might decide that you don’t really need them.

Before you make up your mind, remember that there is a considerable advantage to wearing goggles when skiing.

One advantage of wearing goggles skiing is that they can help you ski better because you can see better. Wearing goggles helps reduce the glare of sunlight reflecting off the snow on sunny days. They also allow you to see the contrast in the snow so you can make out bumps and curves in the slopes. Wearing goggles will make it easier to see when you ski on sunny days and cloudy days.

Another advantage of wearing goggles is that they protect your eyes from the cold wind as well as any debris that could damage your eyes, including falling snow.

Some people might choose to wear sunglasses rather than goggles. While these to offer a measure of protection, they can easily fall off and get lost in the snow. On the other hand, your goggles are securely fastened to you and even clip into certain helmets, ensuring that you don’t lose them.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Pair of Goggles?

Renting a pair of goggles from the ski resort can cost anywhere between $5 and $12. That might not seem like much, given the prices you paid for the rest of the gear. The problem with that, though, is that you can buy a new pair of goggles for around $20. Just make sure you’re buying last year’s styles and that you buy them out of season.

So while it is handy that you can rent goggles if you forget your own, it definitely wouldn’t pay off to rent goggles each time. After two days of skiing, your goggles would pay for themselves.

The Pros and Cons of Renting Goggles


Having the option to rent goggles is ideal if you forgot to bring your own. It is especially important that you pay the small fee if it is very sunny or snowing so that your eyes are protected, and you can ski safely.

There is so much to remember that goggles can easily be overlooked on the packing list, especially if you are traveling out of town for several days. If you find yourself in a pinch with no goggles, then, by all means, rent a pair.

It is better to rent goggles than to go without in most situations.


It is so much cheaper to buy your goggles than to rent them every time you go skiing. You are only paying a small percentage less buy renting goggles than if you bought your own pair.

As with all rental gear, you run the risk of getting stuck with damaged, older equipment. While most ski rental shops do a great job of taking care of their gear and keeping it up to date, you still always run the risk of ending up with scratched lenses or stretched out straps. Getting a pair like that might make you rethink wearing goggles at all that day.

You also run the risk of getting someone else’s germs on your face. It’s the last place you want dirty germs to sit all day. Most resorts do a great job of cleaning and sanitizing gear. However, there is always the chance of something getting missed, i.e., your goggles.

It is also essential to make sure that the goggles fit your face correctly. Sometimes it is harder to find the right fit with rented goggles because, as mentioned earlier, they can be stretched out, and the foam can be flattened from many uses.

Bottom Line

If you’re in a pinch, there are several ski resorts out there that rent goggles. However, it is best to invest in your own new pair to save money, time, and find a pair that fits well.

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