Chamonix Or Verbier, Which is Best For Your Next Ski Trip?

by Laura Penrose | Updated: October 27th, 2022 |  Best Ski Resorts

If you are looking to book your next skiing vacation in the Alps, you will be faced with the challenge of choosing between many world-class ski areas. Chamonix and Verbier are some of the best ski areas, but which one should you choose?

Verbier is part of the 4 Vallées area with easier access to more terrain, whereas Chamonix has several resorts but is slightly more spread out. Chamonix has more of the French charm but if you are looking for an authentic Swiss experience, Verbier is where it is at. 

Chamonix mountains

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About Chamonix Ski Resort


Chamonix, also known as Chamonix Mont-Blanc, is located in the alps in France, close to the border with Italy and Switzerland. Based around Chamonix, there are five fantastic ski resorts to choose from: Grands Montets, Les Houches, Le Tour/Balme, La Flegere, and Le Brevent. 

Skiing at Chamonix

As the oldest ski area in France, Chamonix is known for its legendary skiing and incredible mountain adventures. There is more than 170 km of pistes to ski within 11 ski areas (the five main resorts previously mentioned as well as an additional six smaller local areas). 

Chamonix France

With a network of over 60 lifts, Chamonix has plenty of terrain to ski and snowboard both on and off-piste. However, these lifts are not all interconnected. 

The ability range is varied, from beginner slopes to extreme skiing. Chamonix is also near the highest mountain in Western Europe, Mont Blanc, which is 4,810 m high. This area can be a crazy playground for extreme winter sports enthusiasts.

Chamonix Amenities

Chamonix Valley
Photo by stefan m licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

In addition to skiing within the ski resorts, Chamonix has a world-renowned ski route, Vallée Blanche. It takes you across an expansive glacier and a descent through incredible Alpine scenery. Hiring a guide to take you along this route is well advised. 

If you are new to ski touring or haven’t been skiing in the Vallee Blanche area before, it is definitely worth hiring a guide to accompany you along this route. It is full of crevasses, changing glaciers, avalanches, and other hazards.

Chamonix town and the slopes have a good variety of restaurants and cuisine styles to choose from. Whether you are looking to taste the local cuisine or grab a quick snack in between runs, there is plenty of choices. 

Chamonix Accommodation

Hotel in Chamonix
Hôtel in Chamonix

Most accommodation for the Chamonix ski area can be found in the town of Chamonix itself or in nearby villages. Chamonix attracts a cosmopolitan crowd and consequently has a variety accommodation, from hostels to 5-star luxury hotels or chalets.

Even if you are planning on staying in the Chamonix, all of the ski areas aren’t interconnected, so you will need to catch a local shuttle to ride between them or hire a car. Other neighboring villages that you may consider where you can access Chamonix via a bus or train, depending on the village, include Le Tour, Les Houches, Les Bossons, Les Praz, Vallorcine, and Argentiere. 

Chamonix Ski Resort Transportation/Getting There

Chamonix skiing

Located in the French Alps, the gateway airports for Chamonix are Geneva and Lyon St Exupéry. It's a popular destination so there are many routes that you could be coming from to ski at Chamonix. 

From the airport, hiring a car or taking a private transfer to Chamonix are both options. However, public transport options such as a bus or train are also great possibilities. 

Transferring from Geneva, there is a direct bus from Geneva airport to Chamonix that takes approximately 2 h 10 min. A train would take closer to 3h, depending on the connections, as you would need to make changes. 

If you are coming from Paris, the two main options would be to drive (approximately 6 hours) or take the train. The length of the train ride would depend on which connections you are making. However, the high-speed TGV system in France can take you all the way to Chamonix.

Once you get to Chamonix, you may be wondering how easy it is to transfer between resorts. Within the Chamonix Valley, there is a free bus for anyone who has a lift pass, guest card, and residents, making it very easy to get around. There are also a few train lines that run from Les Houches to Vallorcine as well. 

About Verbier Ski Resort

Verbier Resort

Verbier is better known as the main resort of the 4 Vallées area, the largest ski area in Switzerland. It is ranked as one of the best and most famous ski resorts in Europe, and for a good reason. 

Skiing at Verbier

Part of the 4 Vallées ski area, Verbier is interconnected with the neighboring ski areas making a total of over 410 km of slopes up to 3,330 m altitude, and winter skiing from November through to April. These 4 sectors are: Bruson, La Tzoumaz, Verbier, and 4 Vallées.

Verbier Ski
Photo by Alex Grechman licensed under CC BY 2.0

Being a ski area that is located at a higher altitude than other popular destinations in Europe makes Verbier a great location for top-quality snow and lots of it. The added advantage of being interconnected with 4 Vallées means that if you go skiing at Verbier, you will have plenty of choice to explore.

Depending on where you want to ski, you can purchase a lift pass for all 4 Vallées sectors (all areas), Verbier sector (all areas except 4 Vallées), La Tzoumaz-Savoleyers sector (Bruson and La Tzoumaz), or just Bruson.

Verbier Amenities

Verbier amenities
Photo by Leo-setä licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

If you are looking for extra winter activities on the slopes, Verbier is a great place to try them out. Verbier offers a variety of amenities, such as heliskiing, snowshoeing, ice-climbing, and so much more. There are also options in restaurants and shopping in Verbier as well as another close by villages, however, bear in mind that Switzerland is more expensive than many European countries.  

Verbier Accommodation

Verbier Accomodation

The town of Verbier is located at over 1,500 m elevation and has a variety of accommodations, from 5-star luxury to budget accommodation. Proximity to the lifts is also something to consider. Within Verbier, there are lifts all over the town, however, not all of the accommodation is that close to these lifts. These are some great options to choose from here

There are also other accommodation options such as staying at Le Chable, down the mountain. From this location, there is a gondola directly to Verbier town as well as a bus service between the two villages. 

Verbier Transportation/Getting There

Verbier Switzerland
Photo by Patrick Nouhailler licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Located in the south of Switzerland, the closest international gateway airport is Geneva, but if you are flying in from within Europe, you may also have the option to fly to Sion. Switzerland has one of the most accessible and reliable train networks in Europe.

As such, taking a train from Geneva will take you to the nearest main station in Martigny. From there you can change trains to get to Le Chable. A cable car will then take you up to Verbier, and there is a free shuttle bus to get around Verbier. 

You may also choose to travel by car to get to Verbier. This can be a good option for families or if you are looking for the comforts of traveling by car. By car, Verbier is only a 30-minute drive from Martigny. 

Driving up to Verbier, there is only one road from Le Chable, where you can either park your car and catch the cable car or drive up. For more information about travel to Verbier or to check travel times from major European cities, there is more information here

Which Resort Should You Visit?  

Both Chamonix and Verbier are great options for a skiing vacation, providing high-quality snow as well as good facilities and accommodation. Being part of the 4 Vallées area, Verbier has easier access to more terrain, which is all very accessible. 

Verbier chair lift
Photo by Patrick Nouhailler licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

However, you can’t go wrong with both of these areas with the stunning views, lots of great skiing, and many amenities. It comes down to if you want more of a French experience or Swiss.

FAQ: Can You Ski From Chamonix to Verbier?

No, you can’t ski from Chamonix to Verbier. However, there is an easy transfer to travel between the two resorts.