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Best Women’s Ski Goggles Reviewed

by Simon Naylor | Updated: October 27th, 2022
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Planning a new ski trip and looking for a fresh pair of women’s ski goggles that comfortably fit your face and stay fog free all day. Women can wear men’s or unisex ski goggles, but women’s specific goggles tend to have a narrower face fit that sits more comfortably for most women. They also come in a range of bold and feminine graphics and prints if you like a more outgoing look.

After many hours of research, I’ve narrowed down the absolute best ski & snowboard goggles for women and girls who are planning to hit the slopes this winter.

Best Women’s Ski Goggles Reviewed 2022

  1. Smith Women Drift Snow Goggles (Runner-Ups – Best at the bottom)
  2. Anon WM1 Goggles
  3. Giro Moxie Women’s Snow Goggles
  4. Oakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles (Best All Round)
  5. Anon Women’s Tempest Goggle ( Best Fit)
  6. Smith Virtue Semi-Rimless Ski Goggle (Best Lens)
  7. Anon Kids Fit Tracker Ski Goggle (Best Girls) *Bonus*

1. Smith Women Drift Snow Goggles

Runner Ups (Best at the bottom)

From well-respected ski brand Smith Optics, comes this sleek medium-fit spherical goggle specifically for the female shape. This Drift model uses an advanced ventilation system and inner lens coatings to reduce the chances of fogging.

The blue sensor lens pictured above has a VLT of 60% and is perfect for overcast, cloudy, and whiteout conditions.

Awesome Features:

  • Ultra-wide silicon strap – never comes off and distributed pressure.
  • Anti-fog coating on the inner lens.


  • This lens color is not ideal for bright sunny days.

Where to Buy: Check Price on Amazon

2. Anon WM1 Goggles

These Anon goggles have a smaller feminine fit but still retain a large spherical-shaped lens. Spherical lenses provide a more natural and precise curve for the human eye with fewer distortions.

They have a solid anti-fog coating and the side vents improve airflow and reduce the likelihood of water vapor condensing onto the surface of the lens. The great thing about these goggles is that the lenses are interchangeable which means you can have multiple lenses for different light conditions.

The frame uses triple-layer face foam that is 40% thinner than regular goggles, this makes for a closer fit and therefore a wider field of vision. The lenses use Anon’s Integral Clarity Technology which does a good job of enhancing contrast and blocking out glare.

By far my favorite thing about these goggles is that it comes packaged with Anon’s MFI facemask that clips directly into the goggles frame (see review video below for details). What’s great about this is that you’ll have no exposed skin on those chilly days without having to continuously tuck in your neck warmer.

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Awesome Features:

  • Low profile frame for a feminine fit.
  • Wider field of vision with thinner face foam.
  • Great airflow for anti-fog and moisture-wicking tech.
  • Magnetic interchangeable lens.
  • It comes with a hard case and a soft cloth.
  • Include free snap-on facemask


  • Quite expensive

Where to Buy: Check Price on Amazon

3. Roxy Rockferry Ski Goggles

The Roxy Rockferry is bold and bright and comes with a cool selection of lens tints. It uses double-density face foam and polar fleece for a comfortable and moisture-wicking fit.

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They have a good peripheral vision but are not as good as the Hubble (twice as expensive). These are a nice pair of women’s goggles at a good price that will give you clarity and fog-free riding for many seasons. The main downside is that the lenses are not interchangeable, so you’ll need to compromise with an everyday lens tint.

Awesome Features:

  • Anti-scratch lens coating
  • Ergonomic clip with 2 strap adjusters for a precise fit.


  • Lenses are not interchangeable.

Where to Buy: Check Price on Amazon

4. Giro Moxie Women’s Snow Goggles

The Giro Moxie is a great pair of Cylindrical lenses with a small to medium size fit, perfect for smaller faces or those who prefer the look and feel of this slightly smaller goggle size. Although they are a smaller fit, they are marketed as OTG compatible but are likely to only fit around smaller spectacles.

What I love about these goggles is that they come with two lenses out of the box and the frames are interchangeable. You have a choice of six lens options which each come with a yellow lens (perfect for dusk, low light, or night time skiing).

While these aren’t the highest tech goggles- they are moisture-wicking, do a good job of preventing fog and fit comfortably (Compatible with most helmets)

Awesome Features:

  • A double layer formed foam with a micro-fleece layer for comfort and moisture-wicking.
  • Come with a yellow night skiing or dusk skiing lens.


  • Only one lens option is in stock (at the time of writing)

Where to Buy: Check Price on Amazon

5. Oakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles

Best All Round

The Flight Deck XM is a slightly more compact version of the standard Flight Deck – which makes it perfect for smaller faces and for a nice women’s fit. The Flight Deck lens from Oakley uses the latest in Prizm® technology which was developed to dramatically improve contrast in bright and low light conditions. It achieves this over and above other lens technology by specifically filtering out wavelengths that allow the human eye to see more clearly.

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The only other brand of goggle that gives Prizm a run for its money is the Chromapop tech from Smith Optics. I run over the battle between Prizm vs Chromapop here.

Awesome Features:

  • PRIZM® technology improves contrast and filters specific light wavelengths.
  • More compact, but still full periphery with edgeless frame design.
  • Interchangeable lenses that you can swap out in less than 20 seconds.
  • Three layers of face foam provide a comfortable fit.
  • OTG compatible works with most prescription eyewear.


  • Wiping off moisture on the inside can damage the anti-fog coating – let them air dry instead.
  • Some problems with people receiving the wrong lens color.

Where to Buy: Check Price on Amazon

6. Anon Women’s Tempest Goggle

Best Fit

These are a nice pair of mid-high-end goggles with a wide field of view for a medium fit lens. It uses triple-layer face foam for a comfortable fit and comes with a nice selection of lens tints.

Although cheaper than the more advanced Anon WM1, these goggles are compatible with the Anon MFI mask, which is a full face neck warm that clips into the bottom of the goggle frame. Covering your face for those cold winter days and preventing moisture from getting trapped up under your goggles – which causes fogging.

Awesome Features:

  • Great peripheral vision.
  • Flexible and durable TPU frame.
  • Clips into the Anaon neck warmer.


  • Some reviewers note that the face foam takes a while to dry.

Where to Buy: Check Price on Amazon

7. Roxy Sunset ML Women’s Snow Goggles

These are a well-priced cylindrical lens shape with warm polar fleece face foam and a 2-year warranty. They’re a small/medium fit perfect for smaller faces and a women-specific fit. You can pick up this lens in four different lens options which all have different tints ideal for everyday skiing, but optimized for reducing glare on sunny days.

Awesome Features:

  • Excellent priced lenses in a range of beautiful patterns and strap designs.
  • Effective anti-fog coating and lens ventilation.


  • No low or flat light specific lens option.
  • Lenses aren’t interchangeable.

Where to Buy: Check Price on Amazon

8. Smith Virtue Semi-Rimless Ski Goggle

Best Lens

A beautiful pair of high tech goggles from Smith Optic with built-in Chromapop lens technology (rivals to Oakleys Prizm tech). Chromapop does an amazing job at improving contrast, shutting down glare, and making it a pleasure to ski or snowboard in. While different lens tints (mirrored and clear options) provide even greater clarity across specific weather and light conditions.

These goggles have a small women’s fit, with 3 layers of moisture-wicking comfortable face foam. Despite the smaller fit, the semi-rimless design provides a great field of vision.

Awesome Features:

  • Smith Optics Chromapop technology for epic contrast and highlights.
  • High tech ventilation system.


  • Not eyewear compatible due to the smaller fit.

Where to Buy: Check Price on Amazon

9. Anon Kids Fit Tracker Ski Goggle

Best Girls

Awesome Features:

  • 18+ lens tints and strap color options.
  • Strong and lightweight frames.
  • Excellent anti-fog ventilation and lens coatings


  • Small fit (great for age 4-14)

Where to Buy: Check Price on Amazon

P.S Read my full guide to the best kids skis goggles here.

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