How to SAVE $100s On Ski Passes

by Simon Naylor | Updated On: April 22nd, 2020

How to SAVE $100s On Ski Passes?

Answer: Buy Your Lift Passes in Advance

Looking to save money on your next ski trip – you’ve arrived at the right place.

One of the biggest expense on any ski trip is usually the ski pass. If you plan ahead and buy a discounted resort pass for the day, week or season you can save from 10’s to 100’s of dollars – depending on the deal you find and the resort you choose.

Ski resorts release a small number of discounts at specific times of the year to get more skiers to come to the mountain and to encourage EARLY booking.

The absolute best way to save money is to buy your ski passes in advance and through a special deal. One of the best services I’ve found is to use the website  – which finds the deals for you at resorts all over the world, in seconds.

Click to Find Discounted Lift Tickets

P.S You can learn more about Liftopia on this video:

Tech Report: Liftopia Can Help You Score Deals On Lift Tickets

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