10 Best Ski Resorts Near Zurich (Plan Your Swiss Ski Trip)

by Laura Penrose | Updated: October 27th, 2022 |  Best Ski Resorts

So, you have flown to Zurich and want to go skiing but want to know where the best locations to go are? 

Choosing the best resort near Zurich is difficult because it all depends on what you are looking for. Grindelwald is a great place to visit for families, Klosters if you want to ski like the Royal Family, or Lenzeheide for the advanced skiers.

Switzerland Ski

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Switzerland is a wonderful place to ski, if a little pricey. We wrote a whole article about Why Ski in Switzerland and France vs Switzerland.

Top Picks

10. Grindelwald Wegen 

Grindelwald winter
Photo by Andy Harbach under CC BY 2.0

Located in Jungfrau Region, Grindelwald, and a little further to get to Zurich. It is just over 2 hours by car (136 km) or closer to 3 hours by train to get to. This ski resort is part of the Jungfrau ski region

What is the Skiing like?

Grindelwald has a huge amount of terrain to explore and has a large amount of really long groomed trails, especially awesome for intermediate skiers to enjoy. It is a great area for intermediate and beginners to explore. 

Even though there is a huge amount of terrain, there isn’t as much for advanced skiers. There is, however, a terrain park and five half-pipes. In the higher alpine areas, there is some great off-piste powder to explore. There are multiple long valley runs as well as spectacular mountain scenery to enjoy throughout the area. 

Learning to Ski 

There are a variety of ski schools to choose from to learn to ski at this location, including the Swiss Ski School Grindelwald. Skiers of all ages and abilities can learn to ski or advance their skills by taking a lesson at one of the schools.

Private or group lessons can be tailored to help get learner skiers started and on the slopes. Qualified instructors speak many languages 

Off the Slopes

There are plenty of other activities to take advantage of on your trip to Grindelwald. There are opportunities to go cross-country skiing, winter hiking, snowshoeing, or sledding. In fact, Grindelwald is home to the world’s longest sledding trail (15 km long!). There are also great restaurants and bars on the mountain and in the village. 

What We Love About Grindelwald

  • Lots of on-piste terrain for all abilities but particularly for intermediate skiers
  • Great family location with lots of other activities 
  • Fantastic mountain scenery 

Grindelwald Stats

Summit Elevation: 2,473 m
Skiable terrain: 157 km
Lifts: 30
Runs: 51

9. Mythen Region 

Schwyz ski

Only 50 minutes by car or 75 minutes by train, the Mythen Region is an easily accessible area from Zurich. 

What is the Skiing like?

The Mythen Region is the largest ski area in the Schwyz region. Although it is a lower resort, the snow is still great, and the area offers a diverse ski area for everyone. 

Skiing at Mythen is great for beginner and intermediate skiers. There are 18 km of easy trails and 31 km of intermediate, but just 1 km of advanced/expert terrain to explore. Mythen offers endless tree skiing providing lots of fun obstacles for the more intermediate and advanced skiers.

Learning to Ski 

There are two ski schools to choose from to learn to ski. The Swiss Ski School Einsiedeln and the Swiss Ski and Snowboard School Ibergeregg. There are also plenty of nursery slopes for learners near the base of every valley resort. 

For the kids, the Kabi Snow Park at the base of the Handgruobi ski lift is a great place to learn to ski. 

Off the Slopes

If you are a fan of cross-country skiing, there is a trail between Handgruobi and Ibergeregg with guaranteed snow over the plateau. Winter hiking is relatively popular in this region, with numerous trails throughout the area to explore. Snowshoeing is also an option too. 

Every Friday and Saturday evening, there is a 1.3 km night sledding trail that runs through the forest. Throughout the region, there are numerous restaurants, bars, and pubs to relax and unwind after a long day of skiing. 

What We Love About the Mythen Region

  • Close to Zurich 
  • Great for intermediate skiers 

Mythen Region Stats

Summit Elevation: 1,593 m 
Skiable terrain: 50 km 
Lifts: 16
Runs: Unsure

8. Sattel-Hochstuckli 

Sattel Schweiz

Sattel-Hochstuckli is only 45 km away from Zurich and is a smaller, more reasonably priced, and cute little resort just outside of Zurich. 

What is the Skiing like?

Sattel-Hochstuckli is a great resort close to Zurich if you are looking to make a day trip. There is less terrain to explore than in some of the other resorts we have explored, but it is some top-quality slopes. 

The area is great for beginner and intermediate skiers and generally has less crowded slopes than some of the bigger resorts in the area. This area is not good for advanced/expert skiers as there are no difficult pistes to ride.

Learning to Ski 

This resort is a very family-friendly place to learn to ski. Rondo’s Learning and Fun Land is a great place for the children to learn to ski and have fun. Although this is set up for children, the fun can be had for humans of all ages. They offer courses for learning to ski at the ski school

Off the Slopes

There are several winter hikes that you can take around the resort. In fact, there are two groomed trails that you can access from the top of the cable car. The Engelstock circular trail takes you to see some incredible views of the Schwyz valley basins and mountains. 

There is also one of the longest pedestrian suspension bridges in Europe that you can walk on. Saturday evenings, see a nighttime sledding trail illuminated from 7 till 10 pm. There is also a lantern trail from 6 till 10 pm around a circuit that takes you over the suspension bridge. 

What We Love About Sattel-Hochstuckli

  • Family-friendly, a great place to learn to ski
  • Cheap and conveniently located in Zurich

Sattel-Hochstuckli Stats

Summit Elevation: 1,491 m
Skiable terrain: 14 km
Lifts: 7
Runs: 8

7. Flumserberg

Photo by stefan m under CC BY-ND 2.0

Located between Zurich and Chur, Flumserberg is an easily accessible location to reach from Zurich. 

What is the Skiing like?

Flumserberg offers skiing for all skill levels, but it is particularly good for advanced and expert skiers. The snow in this area is good, with assured snow from the end of November until the end of April. One of the cool highlights of Flumserberg is the 8-person chair lift, the only one in Switzerland!

There is a good amount of skiing for free-riders and several snowparks if you enjoy kicking around doing jumps and rails (including a big air pillow). 

Learning to Ski 

The Ski and Snowboard School Flumserberg offers a great range of ski lessons for people of all ages and all levels of skiing. They offer group or private lessons to learn how to ski. Instructors will teach you everything that you need to know about learning to ski, including how to use a t-bar lift. 

Off the Slopes

In addition to fantastic skiing, Flumserberg offers many outdoor winter activities to take advantage of. From snowshoeing to dog-sled rides, ski touring, paragliding, and so much more. 

For those of us wanting to kick back and relax and enjoy some downtime off the slopes, Flumserberg has an indoor pool & sauna as well as other activities for wellness such as sauna infusions, massages, beauty treatments, and spiritual treatments. 

What We Love About Flumserberg

  • Conveniently located in Zurich
  • Great range of activities both on and off the slopes

Flumserberg Stats

Summit Elevation:  2,222 m
Skiable terrain: 65 km
Lifts: 18
Runs: 22

6. Lenzerheide 

Skiing toward Lenzerheide
Photo by R Boed m under CC BY 2.0

Lenzerheide is the sister ski resort to Arosa. Although you can’t reach the resort directly by train, you can take a bus from Chur. 

What is the Skiing like?

The Lenzerheide area by itself is larger than Arosa and has more advanced and expert trail options. Although it is also interconnected with Arosa, providing even more terrain. The village is located on the valley floor with the Heidsee lake in the middle of the valley. There are ski lifts on both sides of the valley to explore as well as the connection over to Arosa. 

Lenzerheide has locations of steep, vertical technical skiing as well as more fun tree skiing for intermediate and advanced skiers to explore. The high altitude that Lenzerheide is located at means that it receives high annual snowfall making for perfect snow-sure conditions. 

Learning to Ski 

Learning to ski at Lenzerheide is great, with sheltered areas to learn to ski in the valley close to the village. Beginners will be able to learn to ski in the sheltered areas near the base before adventuring further up the mountain to some long green runs. 

The connection to Arosa is not suitable for beginner skiers. There are a variety of ski school options, from group to private lessons for people of all ages and all skill levels. 

Off the Slopes

Similar to Arosa, there is plenty of winter hiking trails around the area. In addition, there are other outdoor activities to enjoy. 

You can also cross-country or Nordic ski at Lenzerheide, as well as go snowshoeing, sledding, or go ice skating. Lenzerheisde also has a unique “Light Ride,” a night sledding experience complete with multisensory light installations, fun for the whole family. Lenzerheide has an indoor wellness & sports center that offers a variety of water activities, classes, and hot pools to enjoy. 

What We Love About Lenzerheide

  • Fantastic skiing for all levels 
  • Interconnected with Arosa 
  • Great amenities 

Lenzerheide Stats

Summit Elevation:  2,865 m
Skiable terrain: 225 km (Including Arosa)
Lifts: 43
Runs: 70

5. Arosa 

Arosa Lenzerheide Switzerland

Arosa is 155 km away from Zurich. You can drive to get there, but it is also easy to take the train. Take the train from Zurich to Chur and then from Chur to Arosa.

What is the Skiing like?

Skiing at Arosa is fantastic for beginner and intermediate skiers, with a lot of trails that are easy and fun to ski. Although the Arosa area has more limited trails for advanced and expert skiers, it is interlinked with Lenzerheide. You can access Lenzerheide via the Urdenbahn cable car. This area is typically steeper and has more terrain for advanced and expert skiers to have fun exploring. 

The high altitude of Arosa makes it a snow-sure skiing location, packed with excellent snow during the winter season. 

Learning to Ski 

Near the base of the resort, there is a range of terrain for beginners to learn to ski. There are a lot of easy slopes for beginners to learn how to ski. 

In the valleys, there are plenty of green slopes for beginners, and even higher up, there is some easy terrain. The connection to the Lenzerheide side is not suitable for beginners. There is a wide variety of ski schools to choose from for private or group lessons for the whole family to learn how to ski.

Off the Slopes        

Throughout the area, there are winter hiking trails as well as cable car and gondola rides that can take you to even more hiking trails to explore. If hiking isn’t your thing, you could choose to go ice skating, snowshoeing, take a ride on a horse-drawn sleigh, or even sledding. 

The area has some fantastic mountain views and plenty of other outdoor options if you aren’t looking to ski. There are plenty of options for restaurants and bars to explore as well as cozy mountain huts after a day out in the mountains. 

What We Love About Arosa

  • Interlinked with Lenzerheide – great for advanced skiers
  • Arosa is excellent for beginner and intermediate skiers
  • Can take the train from Chur (easily accessible from Zurich)

Arosa Stats

Summit Elevation: 2,865 m
Skiable terrain: 225 km (Including Lenzerheide)
Lifts: 43
Runs: 70

4. Engelberg-Titlis

Engelberg Switzerland
Photo by martin_vmorris under CC BY-SA 2.0

Engelberg is located just 1 hour and 30 minutes (approximately 90 km) from Zurich. This location is a fantastic location for skiing as well as non-skiing activities. 

What is the Skiing like?

Engelberg is known for its fantastic powder and freeriding conditions. With big storms that bring heaps of fresh powder and over 2,000 m of skiable vertical terrain, Engelberg is a great place for those looking for powder and adventure. 

The ski season at Engelberg is longer than many other resorts, with a guaranteed eight months of snow! The winter season begins as early as October and typically runs well into May the following year. 

Learning to Ski 

Engelberg has a variety of ski schools to choose from as well as furnished ski kindergartens for the little ones. The area is limited to the “high-alpine” trails; however, there is a dedicated beginner area located at Gerschnialp. 

Off the Slopes

There are plenty of activities that visitors can partake in while they are not on the slopes. In fact, Engelberg has a large number of activities to choose from. 

You can take a cable car ride over the Steinberg glacier, ice walk through the glacier (glacier grotto), and top it off with a cliff walk on a suspension bridge. Down the bottom, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy, such as snow-tubing, snowmobiles, sledding, and plenty of walking trails. 

What We Love About Engelberg-Titlis

  • Fantastic powder skiing and freeriding
  • Very easily accessible from Zurich 
  • Plenty of non-skiing activities to enjoy

Engelberg-Titlis Stats

Summit Elevation:  3,208 m
Skiable terrain: 82 km
Lifts: 20
Runs: 18

3. Klosters 

Photo by ciukes under CC BY 2.0

Billionaires, British royals, and A-list celebrities are just some of the people you could bump into if you go skiing at Klosters. Klosters is typically only really busy for a short period of time, usually around Christmas and New Year. 

What is the Skiing like?

Klosters is a great all-around area with plenty of terrain for beginners, intermediates, and advanced skiers. However, there is a large amount of terrain for intermediate and advanced skiers. More than 80% of the runs are about 2,000 meters, the “snow-sure altitude” making for great quality snow conditions. 

Learning to Ski

Close to the village, there are three nursery slopes where you can learn to ski. Klosters has a Ski and Snowboard School where you can take either one-on-one or group lessons.

There are a variety of ski and snowboard schools to choose from, including Swiss Ski + Snowboard School, mentioned above as well as the Swiss Ski & Snowboard School SAAS, Ride and Smile, and Ben & Joe's Private Lessons. 

Off the Slopes

The Kloster village has kept its traditional charm throughout the years, even with the increase in popularity. The area has a good selection of mountain restaurants that vary in price. Klosters Hotel Walserhof is one of the more popular restaurants that has a Michelin star, providing a very fine dining experience. 

What We Love About Klosters

  • Interconnected the Davos that is fully accessible with one ski pass
  • Great for all levels of skiers 

Klosters Stats 

Summit Elevation: 1,205 m
Skiable terrain: 269 km 
Lifts: 33
Runs: 97

2. Laax


Laax shares a ski area with Flims to create one huge ski resort just 1 hour 30 minutes by car away from Zurich.

What is the Skiing Like?

If you’re big into freestyle skiing, halfpipes, and terrain parks, Laax will definitely be a great area for you. It is known for its world-class halfpipes terrain parks that are seen as some of the best in the world. 

The large area has a great amount of on and off-piste skiing as well as the opportunity for glacier skiing. The area is well suited to intermediate and skiers who like to ride freestyle runs. There are some black runs for advanced skiers, but there is a great deal of off-piste terrain of varying difficulty. 

Learning to Ski

The area has 47% easy slopes that are great for beginner to intermediate skiers. There are plenty of options for beginners to get some practice in, including beginner lifts, areas, and big wide slopes.

On-site, there are also a few different ski schools to choose from to teach you how to ski. The resort also offers a “Laax for Beginners” package to get you started, which includes a ski lesson, lift pass, equipment hire, and lunch. 

Off the Slopes

A sports center at Flims has an ice-skating rink that you can visit. As the area is great for freestyle ski and snowboarders, there are some great opportunities to watch people making big jumps and riding the terrain parks. 

On and off the mountain, there are some great restaurants and bars to enjoy, and the après ski culture at Laax is superb. 

What We Love About Laax:

  • Great for off-piste and freestyle skiing
  • Beginner friendly
  • Large area 
  • Plenty of activities to do on and off the slopes

Laax Stats

Summit Elevation: 3,018 m
Skiable terrain: 224 km
Lifts: 28
Runs: 55

1. Andermatt

Andermatt skiing

The Andermatt + Sedrun + Disentis ski area is one of the largest areas to ski in the region, making the 1 hour 30 min trip from Zurich well worth it. With multiple ski areas, the question is where rather than if. 

What is the Skiing Like?

Within the Andermatt area, you will have essentially two main sides of the resort to choose from. The Gemsstock north-facing side and the other is on the south-facing side next to Sedrun.

On the Gemsstock side, there is 31 km of slopes and four main lifts, and it is an absolute playground for advanced and expert skiers. This side of the mountain only has intermediate and advanced runs, as well as a glacier slope run. If you are looking to explore this open terrain, it is best to first explore with a guide to understand the area, as it can be dangerous. 

Learning to Ski

The Andermatt Snow Sports School knows how to teach beginners to ski. They offer a great combination of local and international expertise and speak many languages.

They offer beginner lessons in the “KidsArena” within the Nätschen area for beginners of all ages. if you are looking to improve your technique as an intermediate or advanced skier, you can book a lesson for any of the slopes in the Andermatt + Sedrun + Disentis area. 

Off the Slopes

Off the slopes, there is a variety of bars and restaurants both on the mountain and down in the Andermatt village. Andermatt is still very much a traditional Swiss mountain village, but the dining options have been improved in recent years. 

What We Love About Andermatt:

  • World-class on and off-piste skiing for advanced and expert skiers
  • A large array of modern lifts, including cable cars, gondolas, and other lifts
  • Great ski school for beginners 

Andermatt Stats 

Summit Elevation: 2,961 m
Skiable terrain: 102 km
Lifts: 19
Runs: 32