Best Ski Boots For Narrow Feet: Men & Women

by Simon Naylor | Updated On: January 5th, 2022
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Looking to buy the best ski boots with a narrow last – and fed up with trawling through pages and pages of product descriptions looking for that narrow low volume fit? Then this list is for you – after many hours of research, I’ve narrowed down this year’s best narrow ski boots for women and men in 2020.

The first table is a summary of the best wide boots, with more in-depth reviews & specs further down the page. To get the latest price of each boot just click: View on Amazon.

Ski Boots for Narrow Feet



Best All Round

Full Tilt Drop Kick

  • Unique 3 piece boot that allows for a more natural progressive flex

  • Power Wrap Intuition liner is heat moldable and allows you to get a very precise fit around your narrow or low volume feet

  • Cable system buckles allow the boot to flex without pressure points

Best Expert Boot

Atomic Hawk Ultra 130

  • Progressive fit with sculpted thinner and thicker zones for maximum power transmission to save up 25% more weight than similar boots

  • Heat moldable memory foam fit shell with a narrow 98mm last

  • Four micro-adjustable buckles for a precise fit

Best Advanced Intermediate Boot

Salomon X Max 100

  • Heat moldable shell and liner designed for advanced skiers looking for a very precise fit so the maximum amount of their energy can be transferred into power to the skis

  • Oversized pivot for more natural flexing and turning

  • 4 buckles with micro-adjuster for the perfect fit

Narrow Ski Boots For Women

Atomic Hawx Ultra 80 W

  • Memory Fit 3D Silver Liner with 3M™ Thinsulate™ -- for all-day warmth and comfort

  • Heat moldable shell cuff and liner

  • Very lightweight boot for maximum mobile and easy movement on and off the slope

Best Narrow Beginner Ski Boot

Salomon X Max 70 Ski Boots Women’s

  • Women’s Specific cuff shape to fit the anatomy of a woman more comfortably

  • Medium soft flex; perfect for less aggressive or lighter skiers

  • Wide opening for easy step in and step out

Best Women’s Intermediate

Rossignol Pure Elite 70

  • Very warm merino wool insulation

  • Sensor blade technology

  • Dual-density molded padding which can be heat molded in the forefoot and toes

Top 6 Best Ski Boots For Narrow Feet: Men & Women 2020

  1. Full Tilt Drop Kick (Best All Round)
  2. Atomic Hawk Ultra 130 (Best Expert Boot)
  3. Salomon X Max 100 (Best Advanced Intermediate Boot)
  4. Atomic Hawx Ultra 80 W (Narrow Ski Boots For Women)
  5. Salomon X Max 70 Women’s (Best Narrow Beginner Ski Boot)
  6. Rossignol Pure Elite 70 (Best Women’s Intermediate)

What is a Narrow Ski Boot?

Ski boots widths can be categorized into three main lasts; narrow, average, and wide. Based on the reference size of 26 (26cm length) a narrow ski boot would be 99mm or less but typically between 97-98mm across.

A ski boot last refers to the width and the volume. Narrower lasts have less internal space within the boot (vertically as well as horizontally).

Shoe Width 👟

Ski Boot Last 🎿(Based on size 26)

A, B

Narrow (97-98mm)

C, D

Average (100mm)


Wide (102-104mm+)

How Do I Know If My Boots Are Too Wide?

If you’re wearing boots that are too wide for your feet you may notice:

To check if your feet are too narrow for your ski boots, measure your feet and measure the width of your ski boot liner and shell minus the width of the material.  Your foot should be touching the sides of your liner and the shell closely wrapped around the liner.

How To Choose A Wide Ski Boot?

There are a few things to be aware of when choosing a new ski boot;

The flex rating of a boot refers to how stiff or flexible the materials are. New skiers or beginners will benefit from a soft or low flex which makes it easier to transfer energy into the boot and ski at slower speeds and with less movement. The better skier you are, the more you weigh and the more you move your weight as you ski the more you will benefit from a higher flex.

Choosing the right flex boot will make learning to ski or improve your skiing technique much easier. Choosing the wrong flex is limiting and will make it much more challenging to progress and enjoy your time on the slopes. I cover flex in more detail on my main boot buying guide.

Flex Rating ⛷















Now let’s take a look at my top picks for narrow ski boots.

Best Ski Boots For Narrow Feet: Men & Women 2020

1. Full Tilt Drop Kick

Best All Round

Full tit ski boots are for high performing advanced skiers looking for a boot that works all over the mountain from the park to the powder. The full tilt boots are marvelous boots with a high flex and a narrow last of 99mm.

Full title ski boots are able to handle impact and remain comfortable protecting the feet and shins from drops after jumps and rails. It’s at home all over the mountain but shines in the freestyle world. This boot main features are:

The Unique Flex of Full Tilt Boots and Why it is Better for Skiing

Full tilt ski boots are not cheap, but if you’re a park rider or looking for all-day comfort and a progressive flex these boots may be for you. The narrow last and head moldable qualities make this the perfect boot for people with slightly narrower or lower volume feet. Another slightly cheaper option is the Full Tilt Classic with a 99mm last.

Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boots – Check Price on Amazon

2. Atomic Hawk Ultra 130

Best Expert Boot

The Atomic Hawk Ultra ski boots are for aggressive and expert skiers. They have a high flex of 130 which makes this a stiff boot. You’ll need to be at a high level of skiing to get the best from this boot.

These boots have a narrow last of 98mm perfect for narrower or low volume feet. The liner uses Atomics Memory 3D Fit which molds to your feet (heat moldable) and during the break-in period for a precise fit every time you ski.

The boot liner uses Thinsulate insulation for excellent warmth on very cold days. According to Atomic, this is their lightest boot weighing in at 1.68kg (size 26.5 per boot) which will reduce fatigue and make walking around the resort and carrying your gear that much easier.  I love the lightness of this boot combined with the stiff flex and narrow last – make this the perfect narrow width expert boot.

Atomic Hawx Ultra Review - True Reviews
Atomic Hawk Ultra 130 – Check Price on Amazon

3. Salomon X Max 100

Best Advanced Intermediate Boot

The Nordica PAtron boots are great for intermediates looking to head into the advanced intermediate zone. They have a 100 flex for skiers looking to take them to the next level.  They have a narrow last of 98mm, a lower than average profile, and internal volume and are heat-moldable (both the shell and the liner!) for a precise fit.

Bear in mind that when heat molded these boots can expand beyond 98mm up to 100mm but not below 98mm.

These boots have the Salomon oversized pivot which allows the boot to flex more naturally through the arc of a turn, which makes for a more natural movement.

Salomon X Max 100 Ski Boot Review
Salomon X Max 100 – Check Price on Amazon

“They are really good especially if you have a narrow low volume foot. Very precise” – Reviewer

4. Atomic Hawx Ultra 80 W

Narrow Ski Boots For Women

A fantastic pair of Atomic ski boots with a 98mm last for a narrower and lower than average volume feet for a precise fit. They have an 80 flex for an intermediate to advanced female skier. The boot is specifically for women and has a wider more fluted calf area and a shorter cuff heigh for a comfortable fit

Atomic Hawx Ultra 80 W – Check Price on Amazon

5. Salomon X Max 70 Ski Boots Women’s

Best Narrow Beginner Ski Boot

This is one of the softest flexing ski boots that is designed specifically for narrow feet. Traditionally only higher flexes for experts came in narrow fits. Most beginners or intermediates looking for a softer boot end up with roomy fits that limit skiing performance.

The Salomon Women’s X Max 70 is the perfect boot for new or learning skiers. It is the number one selling boot in the women’s narrow boot. It comes in a 70 flex and a 98mm last for narrow footed ladies. With this more precise fit, learning the foundations of skiing will be much easier from your parallel turns to your hokey stops.

2017 Salomon X Max 70 and 90 Womens Boot Overview by SkisDotCom
Salomon X Max 70 Ski Boots Women’s – Check Price on Amazon

6. Rossignol Pure Elite 70

Best Women’s Intermediate

Another narrow boot for beginners and intermediates. The Rossignol Pure Elite 70 ski boot has a narrow last of 98mm and a soft-medium flex of 70.

This is a very warm and comfortable boot with Merino wool insulation. It has a wide opening tongue which makes getting your feet in and out very easy at the end of a long day on the slopes.

The boot comes with Rossignals Sensor Blade Technology which helps transfer more power into your skis at all speeds from green to black runs.

Rossignol Pure Elite 70 – Check Price on Amazon

Most Rental Ski Boots Are A Wide Fit

Most skiers might not realize but most ski boots you find in rental shops are wide roomy fits, which makes it a massive pain for those of us that have narrower or low volume feet to get a good fit.

When your ski boots are too big for you, lots of your power gets dissipated as internal movement and lots of your energy is wasted. This can cause you to fatigue much faster and makes it very challenging to have precise control over your skis. For new skiers, this makes it incredibly hard to learn the basics and for intermediate skier’s it makes progress almost impossible.

What is a Ski Boot Last?

How to choose a Ski Boot Last - Bootorials Ep.31

Bonus: How to Keep Your Feet Warm?

I cover all this and much more on my full guide to keeping feet warm.

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap. I hope you’ve narrowed it down to the best narrow ski boot for your level of skiing. Be sure you’re picking a boot with the right flex and within a width range that matches closest to your foot shape.

If you have any question please comment below, and feel free to browse any of my other reviews and skiing tips.

P.S Best Wide Boots

If you’ve realized you’re a wide fit or know someone who is, then I have a duplicate of this page but specifically for wide boots. Read, Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet.

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