Best Ski Bags Reviewed

by Simon Naylor | Updated: February 9th, 2023 |  Buying Guides

Are you looking for the absolute best ski bag for your upcoming ski trip? Get the wrong bag and it can make traveling or transporting your skis a real pain. Get the right one, and your expensive gear is protected, easy to move, and makes traveling a breeze.

Finding the right ski bag can make your trips a lot more enjoyable. However, the wrong ones can make your ski trips more of a hassle. That’s why we’ve reviewed what some of the best ski bags have to offer. By the end, you’ll be able to pick the one that you think is best for your ski trip needs.

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After many hours of research, we’ve reviewed the absolute best ski bags on offer for this season. From the budget to the high-end. This guide will help you narrow down the best ski bag for you. There are plenty of options in this review.

It includes ski bags with wheels, combo sets, hardshell choices, and more! To buy just click the links within each review to go straight over to Amazon and get your bag delivered to your door in a few days.

Top 6 Best Ski Bags Reviewed 2022

  1. Dakine Ski Sleeve
  2. Athletico Padded Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo
  3. Burton Space Snowboard Bag
  4. Thule Ski Roller Bag
  5. Amazon Basics Waterproof Ski Boot Bag
  6. SEMSTY Ski Boot Bag

1. Dakine Ski Sleeve

The Dakine Ski Sleeve is an excellent option for keeping all of your skiing equipment safe and free from damage. Furthermore, it’s a comfortable option which makes it ideal for longer journeys. We liked how the interior of the bag has been made with padded materials. These padded materials are thick and ensure that your ski equipment doesn’t get damaged or scratched.

On the exterior of the bag, they’ve used high-quality polyester materials. This works well to provide the bag with a lot of strength. So, you can be sure that it will withstand being used for traveling frequently.

People have also been mentioning how comfortable the bag is. This is a result of how they’ve implemented shoulder straps. You can use these straps to conveniently carry the bag which is especially handy when you have it filled with lots of items.

In addition to this, a carry handle is available as well. This is a great feature that provides you with more to grab while picking the bag up on your travels. A full-length zipper has been incorporated into the design as well. This is fantastic for making it easy to pack the bag and take things out.

The overall size of the bag is 43 x 17 x 7”. Therefore, you’re able to fit snowboards and skis inside.


  • Wide range of colors is available
  • Soft padded materials
  • Easy to carry


  • Not much room available for accessories

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2. Athletico Padded Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo

The Padded Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo from Athletico is ideal for individuals who want to be protected when skiing. This double compression strap skiers sleeve has 5mm solid foam padding all around and is made of excellent water-resistant polyester to safeguard your most valuable equipment.

You won't ever have to be concerned about losing your gear in waist-high snow again because of the roll-top design, which offers a special personalized fit for your skis. Additionally, this amazing bag has the authentic Athletico logo embroidered on the front!

It is a 3/4 length zipper for easy gear loading. The padded ski sleeve will fit most skis up to 200 cm in length. Roomy enough to pack your cap, pants, gloves, or goggles inside as well. Unique roll-top design allows you to reduce the length for shorter skis. The boot bag will fit most ski boots up to size 13. The polyester materials are waterproof, which means that you can travel with it in rainy conditions and keep your skis protected.


  • Top commission dollars: #2 in Snow Ski Bags on Amazon
  • Boot Bag features mesh side pocket to store additional gear
  • High-Density polyester (Waterproof Backing)

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3. Burton Space Snowboard Bag

The Burton Space Bag is a fantastic choice if you were looking for something to help make carrying around your snowboard easier. It’s available in a variety of sizes that ensures you’re provided with the choice to pick the one that suits you best.

We were impressed with how they’ve included high-quality 600D polyester fabrics. These materials have been used on the outside of the bag and they work effectively to keep it durable for longer.

The polyester materials are also excellent for ensuring that your snowboard is always able to be protected. You may be surprised to find that you can actually use this bag to travel with multiple snowboards. It can be used to travel with snowboards that are between 129 and 181 cm.

Furthermore, they’ve included a shoulder strap which users have been loving. This is because it enables them to have a super convenient way of carrying the bag around with them while traveling. You’re also provided with the choice to remove the shoulder strap if you choose. The bag can also be used as a place to keep your snowboard stored away when you’re not out on the snow.


  • Can fit 2 snowboards
  • Durable polyester materials
  • Good variety of sizes available
  • Shoulder strap included


  • Some were expecting more padded materials on the inside

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4. Thule Ski Roller Bag

The Thule Ski Roller Bag has been made with high-grade 600D polyester materials on the exterior. Therefore, you can expect it to be able to withstand some wear and tear for a long time to come. We also liked how the exterior of the bag has mesh compartments. This can be useful when it comes to storing other smaller items.

On the inside of the bag, you’ll find padded materials. These work effectively to keep your ski gear safe while traveling. To make it easier for you to take your ski equipment out of the bag, there is a zipper that has been made with an S-shape design.

To prevent the bag from sagging over time, the construction includes reinforced designs. In addition to this, people have been loving how there are wheels available with this one.

This makes the bag incredibly easy to travel with, especially if you’re planning on filling it up with lots of ski gear. Furthermore, there are a total of 3 handles and a shoulder strap to provide you with more options while traveling with the bag.

The bag also weighs in at just 9 lbs. Therefore, it’s lightweight and lets you fill it up with ski equipment to carry around easier.


  • Wheels for easy transportation
  • Mesh compartments
  • Durable polyester
  • Anti-sag design
  • Padded materials included


  • A little smaller than some were expecting

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5. Amazon Basics Waterproof Ski Boot Bag

You can have this Amazon Basics Waterproof Ski Boot Bag in black colors. The overall size of the case is 14 x 18 x 14.5”. Therefore, you can be sure to have plenty of room to fit multiple pairs of skis or other skiing gear.

We were impressed with how the case has been made with a blow-molded design. They’ve also implemented high-quality polyester materials which are very effective at remaining strong for a long time.

The Ski Boot pockets have proper ventilation on the side; smaller inner and outside zipped pockets for accessories like gloves and goggles. For comfort during transit, soft carry handles and padded, covered, strengthened backpack straps are used. This Ski Boot Bag is backed by a 1-year limited warranty for Amazon Basics.


  • Large enough but not too big
  • Handles are very sturdy and can handle heavy weights
  • Easy to travel with and you can fit boots, helmet, gloves, etc.


  • Quality control issue

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6. SEMSTY Ski Boot Bag

The liner on the interior is effective at repelling water and keeps your boots dry. Furthermore, the boot compartment is separate from the others. Therefore, you’re free to store any other items inside the bag as well. This could include things like helmets, hats, gloves, clothes, and more. The bag also has a back panel that’s padded. Therefore, it feels comfortable to carry around.

You may organize the storage of your skiing necessities with an individual compartment. The outside is rendered waterproof, tear- and scratch-resistant by twisting nylon fabric. The ski boot bag backpack's bottom is thickly cushioned with four non-slip mats, a waterproof tarpaulin, and low-temperature resistance.

When you place this bag on the ground, there is no need to worry that the ski and snowboard boot bag will get wet. All the straps are adjustable to better suit your frame, and prevent the ski bag and boot bag from swaying. A perfect boot bag for skiing and carry-on.


  • Very durable. It distributes the weight nicely
  • Easily adjustable straps
  • Can store skis & boots
  • Good quality materials, lots of pockets


  • Zipper issues

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Key Features to Lookout for in a Ski Bag

After reading through our review of what the best ski bags have to offer, you may be interested to learn more about what key features to keep an eye out for.

If so, check out the sections below.

1. Capacity

The capacity of the ski bag that you’re looking at is an important factor. You want to be sure that you can use the bag to store the number of skis that you’re taking.

Furthermore, you’ll need to check that the length of the bag can fit your skis inside properly as well. People also tend to forget that they may purchase new skis in the future.

Therefore, it may be a good idea to find a ski bag that’s larger than what you may currently need. This enables you to have the freedom to purchase other skis at a later date that may be longer.

2. Padded Materials

Some of the best ski bags available will have padded materials on the inside. However, there are some that also include different linings on the interior instead of padding. We recommend finding a ski bag that comes with padding as it can prevent them from getting scratched up while traveling.

This is especially the case when it comes to traveling on airplanes. When you check your bag in, you can’t be sure of how it’s going to be thrown around by the time you land at your destination. Having the interior padding keeps your skis well protected from bumps.

Beaver Creek Ski Resort
Photo by Jeff Gunn licensed under CC BY 2.0

3. Wheels or No Wheels

You will have seen that we’ve included a mixture of ski bags in our review that include wheels, as well as ones that don’t have them. If you’re looking to travel through airports or are traveling to walk a lot with your skis, a bag that has wheels would be best. It’s a lot easier to pull it along than to carry it.

However, some people prefer to carry their ski bags. In this case, be sure that the shoulder straps are adjustable and comfortable.


That concludes our review of what the best ski bag has to offer. You can now have a much better idea about the different choices available, as well as the main features to consider. Hopefully, the details found in this review are useful in aiding you to feel confident about finding the ski bag that’s right for you and your plans.