8 Best Ski Boots For Kids 2020: Boys And Girls

by Simon Naylor | Updated On: March 3rd, 2020
dalbello girls ski boot

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Looking to buy your kid his or her first, second or third ski boot? After many hours of research, I’ve narrowed down this year’s best ski boots kids from toddlers to teens in 2019/20. Whether your kids is 4 or 14 there is a ski boot in this list that should be suitable for their skiing adventures.

The first table is a summary of the best children’s¬†ski boot, with the more detailed reviews further down the page. To get the latest price of each boot just click ‘check price’,

Quick look

Best Kids Ski Boot ūüéŅ
How much? ūüíį
Roces Idea Free Children’s
Rossignol Comp J3
Fischer Rc4 Junior Race
Dalbello Sports Gaia 2 Girls
Nordica Little Belle
Lange RS Junior
Salomon T3 Kid
Nordica Firearrow Team 2

Full reviews below:

Roces Idea Free Children’s Ski Boots

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The Roces idea free kids ski boot is the perfect first or second-time ski boot for your child and suits new skiers to skiers with a few ski trips under their belt.

My favorite thing about this boot is that it has an adjustable size which can fit between a size 22 and 25 – great for growing kids. This feature has the potential to save you hundreds over the course of a few seasons. No need to buy new boots or remount your bindings.

These are the best boots for fast growing little feet. You can tweak for the idle fit and get 3 years out of them. I just bought the next size up as she finally outgrew the smallest pair. Parent Review

Roces also do a smaller model for very young kids in a size 16-18cm which come in black and pink color options. These boots come with a 1-year warranty and have a fair price tag for their flexibility of use across a range of ages and foot sizes.

The buckles are easy to use and can be done up by your child. They are micro-adjustable which means the tightness of each notch can be leveled up or down to suit each child’s¬†foot shape.

Main Features

Boot options

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The Rossignol Comp J3 Ski Boot is an excellent choice for new or early intermediate skiers. It has a soft flex of 40 making it easier to for your young one to transfer their weight into power and movement in the ski.

Rossingol is a well-respected company in the ski world, and this is a well-made boot at a good price. Here are the main features of the boots:

The design is cool with a black shell and green and white graphics and a bright green sole.

Boot options

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These Fischer RC4 Podium 70 Junior Race Ski Boots are for very good skiers who can ski on a higher flex boot. They’re excellent boots for the right skier who has at least a few seasons under their belt and can confidently tackle red (Europe) or black diamond (North¬†America) ski trails.

The boot comes in a range of flex options from 70-100 to meet a variety of weights and ability from advanced intermediate to expert young skier. These boots are very stable when used at speed and can quickly transfer energy into the skis. Here are the main features of the boots:

The higher flex models like the Vacuum can be heat molded to your child’s feet for a very precise fit and are perfect for race level competition or aggressive all mountain skiers.

Boot options

Dalbello Sports Gaia 2 Girls Ski Boot

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This is a great boot specifically for little girls from the Italian ski boot brand Dalbello. The Dalbello Sports Gaia 2 Girls is a small ski boot for young skiers learning to ski. They have a soft flex and energy can be easily transferred to the ski as they learn the proper skiing techniques. Here are the main features of the boots:

Well insulated, great fit for a VERY picky child. This is our 2nd pair. Compared foot bed to a leading US brand and this brand was superior Рwill provide more warmth. Parent Review

The Dalbello model comes in a range of sizes from small toddler version Gaia 1 with one buckle through to the Gaia 2 buckle design for young girls up to early teenage years with the Gai 4 Kids boot.

dalbello girls ski boot

Boot options

Nordica Little Belle Ski Boots

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The Nordica Little Belle 2 boots are small boots for young kids. There is a larger boot for older kids and even smaller boot for young girls. From renowned ski brand Nordica, these boots are perfect for young skiers wanting a soft and comfortable boot that will support them on their skiing journey.

The boot have a very comfortable fleece liner that is soft to the touch and enjoyable to wear for all-day comfort. The boot has one, two or three buckles (depending on the model) which saves weight for small children but allows for a snug fit across a range of notches. Here are the main features of the boots:

Boot options

This is an affordable boot with a range of sizes for children from 4-14.

Nordica Little Belle

Lange RS Junior Ski Boot

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The Lange RS Junior Ski Boots are the perfect intermediate boot. They have a medium to stiff flex range and are great for all mountain use from blue to black trails.

They are a mid-range boot sitting between the budget range and the most expensive boots – a good mix of performance and price.

The RS Junior ski boots have a more natural upright stance and transfer energy into the skis for sharper more stable cuts at speed. Here are the main features of the boots:

These boots would be too stiff for a new skier and may not provide the performance for an expert skier, but these are a great choice if you child can parallel ski and is developing as a skier and sits in that early to advanced intermediate range.

If your child has a wide foot and is an advanced intermediate skier, the Lange RX 80 Wide is a good choice – links below.

Boot options

This boot comes in a range of flex options. The higher the flex the stiffer the boot and the more suited it is for a higher level of skiing.

Salomon T3 Kids Ski Boot

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This Salomon T3 Kids Ski Boot is perfect for new skiers. It has a soft flex which makes energy transfer easier for young skiers learning on green and blue slopes. The soft flex makes turning easier and makes learning the foundations of skiing more natural. Here are the main features of the boots:

Boot options

This boot comes in two main options. The T3 has three buckles and is for the older kid while the T2 is a smaller boot for younger children.

Nordica Firearrow Team 2 Ski Boot

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The Nordica Firearrow Team 2 Ski Boot is an awesome ski boot for new skiers learning to parallel ski. It has a soft beginner flex and makes it much easier to transfer power to the skis and initiate a turn.

The Firearrow is a comfortable and warm boot and great for wearing all day without getting sore feet. Here are the main features of the boots:

This is an affordable boot at a fair price and is good for girls or boy skiers.

Boot options

How to choose a kid’s ski boot?

When choosing a ski boot for a child these are the key things to be aware of. Choose a boot with the correct:

1. Size

Boots are measured in the mondopoint scale which is the length of your child’s foot in CM. Choosing the correct size boot is essential for your child’s ability to transfer their movements directly into their ski rather than as internal slide within the boot.

Ski boots that are too big can make skiing very challenging and may cause blisters. Whereas skiing with too small boots will fatigue feet, reduce circulation and make them sore and cold much quicker.

To get your child’s foot size is simple, put your child’s foot against a wall, grab a tape measure and measure from the wall to the top.

mondopoint black

Some ski boots like the ‘Roces Idea Free Children’ model can actually expand 4cm so your kids can grow into the same pair of boots.

2. Width 

Most children will be fine in the standard width ski boot, and most ski boot for young children will be able to accommodate a larger volume foot. As they get older more options for wider or narrow boots become available and its worth looking at a boot with a wide or narrow last (width + boot volume). Some of these adult ski boots listed on Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet are available in smaller youth sizes;

3. Flex

Flex is a key consideration when buying new ski boots and it refers to how stiff or soft the shell plastic is. Better or stronger skiers benefit from a stiffer boot with a higher flex while younger or new skiers develop their skill more easily with a soft or low flex boot.

A stiffer boot is more stable at speed and for skiers who have the technique to transfer power into the skis. A softer boot is much easier to flex and turn the skis at lower speeds and while learning to or building confidence in the parallel turn.

While flex ratings are not universal across boots, these flex ranges provide a good baseline for most children.

Boot flex for kids ūüĎ™
Kid’s Flex Rating FeelFlex
ExpertStiff or Very Stiff70-90

If you’re interested in learning about adult ski boot flex, read my full ski boot buyers guide.¬†

Final thoughts

That’s a wrap, this list will be updated as each season to bring you the best ski boots available from beginner to advanced young skiers.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments feel free to write them below and I’ll get back to you.

skiing child jump

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