10 Ridiculously Fun Snow Toys For Kids & Adults You Need for 2023

by Megan Coles | Updated: September 20th, 2023 |  Recommended Gear

Many of us have fond memories of playing in the snow as children, building snowmen, sledding down snowy hills on any piece of plastic we could find, and coming home cold and wet after a snowball fight. Nowadays all kinds of snow toys are leveling up these classic winter games. 

Most children love playing in the snow, and with snow scooters, snowball makers, and more, now on the market, they’re about to get even better! Whether your child is a thrill-seeker, loves building, or is creative, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the snow. 

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If you’re looking for something to make the next snow day memorable or want to bring an extra special toy along on your next ski vacation, this list of 10 ridiculously fun snow toys is for you.

Do I Need Snow Toys On My Ski Vacation?

Snow toys can be a great addition to your ski vacation. Kids have little legs and can get easily tired skiing all day every day so taking an afternoon, or even a whole day, off to rest their ski legs is really important. This is where the snow toys come in.

Tip: Snow toys can be a great way to get your kids outside and keep them entertained when they’re not skiing. 

You may not even need to bring your own snow toys on your ski vacation. Ski resort accommodation commonly have their own sleds and other snow toys for you to use free of charge. Check with your accommodation provider before your vacation to find out.

Additionally, resorts often have rental services for snow toys to save you from taking up valuable luggage space. 

1. Snow tube

An inflatable tube is a classic snow toy to send you flying down a snowy hill. They are made of a durable thick plastic that can be inflated and deflated with ease making them great for fitting in your suitcase to take on vacation. There are a variety of snow tubes online with all kinds of fun designs; slide away on a flamingo, reindeer, and more!

And why not get a double inflatable tube? Two-seater versions are making for double the fun and laughs. 

Tip: Look out for tubes that have a high tolerance for cold weather. Some lower-quality products can react badly to sub-zero temperatures and become limp or disinflation.

2. Snowball Fight Kit

Level up your next snowball fight by bringing in some snowball accessories. First of all, keep your little ones’ hands warm and dry by using a snowball maker. All you have to do is open up the snowball maker, scoop up some snow, and close it together to form a perfectly round and compact snowball. 

If your kids are snowball fight lovers then this 4-in-1 kit will be perfect. The snowball flinger, cannon, and slingshot will make for an epic snow battle. 

3. Toboggan

Toboggans are a traditional form of transport used to navigate snowy terrain. These wooden sleds are a picture of a traditional snowy winter and L.L.Bean are selling a luxury cushioned ‘heirloom-quality’ sled. Your little one can ride in style in this hardwood model which can be pulled along by the attached rope. It’s at the higher end of the market but the soft red cushioned interior makes for a comfier ride than the hard plastic alternatives. 

You’ll find that sleds or toboggans are widely used in ski resorts or snowy communities to pull along small children. This snow toy isn’t made for racing downhill, it’s a mode of transport for you to pull your kid along with ease. Not only is it fun for your child, but it’s far quicker and makes for less slipping over than walking along icy paths with a toddler.

4. Snow castle set

Forget sand castles, why not try snow castles? These simple-to-use molds will help you create a whole snow kingdom. If your kids love the Frozen films, they’ll be sure to love this snow accessory.

Once your snow palace is created you can bring along some small figures from home to inhabit the castle and your kids will be entertained for hours. This can get the whole family involved and is made to be used in the sand as well as snow for year-round fun!

5. Crane

Get your little one’s hard hat on, and get digging! For construction-loving kids, this 360-degree rotating crane will be ideal. Suitable for 3 to 12-year-olds, the seated construction crane uses your kids’ coordination and imagination to dig up and create whatever they please.

This toy is originally marketed as a sandbox or dirt digger but I think it would be perfect for the snow. It’s easy to use and easy to put together which makes it a winner amongst parents. This one, however, may not be an option for your next ski vacation as it’s fairly bulky and will use up that precious luggage space.

6. Roll-up sled

Perfect for your next ski vacation, this roll-up sled is easily transportable and just as much fun! Weighing just 0.8lb it’s lightweight and made of durable materials making it the perfect snow toy to pack into your suitcase. It has two handles to hold onto while you’re flying down a snowy hill. This one is perfect for both adults and kids so everyone can get involved.

7. Snow Art

If you’ve got a creative, art-loving kid then this is the snow toy for you. The non-toxic markers are made from cornstarch making them safe for the environment, kids, and clothes. They can be used to put the finishing touches on a snowman or create a masterpiece, but most importantly it’ll get them outside and enjoying the snow.

Friendly Advice: I’d recommend only using this toy on your own property as some may not see their snow-covered lawn as a blank snowy canvas!

8. Snow Scooter

The ideal snow toy for your thrill-seeking, older kids. This scooter is a step up from a traditional sled and allows the rider more control over their direction. Being in the standing position will help improve your child’s balance and could be a great stepping stone to trying out a snowboard.  The scooter is durable and folds down making for easy storage and transportation. 

Note: It may look unassuming but this can be a fast piece of kit. It doesn’t come with brakes and doesn’t have the control or stopping-action of a snowboard so only use the scooter on small inclines and always wear a helmet.

9. Snowman kit

Building the biggest and best snowman is surely a happy memory for anyone who’s played out in the snow. It’s enjoyed by people of all ages and can be a great family activity. These snowman kits are bringing a new level of fun to this classic activity.

They include everything you could want for the perfect snowman, without having to search around for an unused carrot or coals. Some kits even come with funny faces and googly eyes to have everyone giggling. This toy is reusable and lasts for years so you can create a new family snowman-making tradition.

10. Saucer

The saucer is a cheap and cheerful classic. It’ll send you zooming down a snowy hill and its unique round shape will have you lightly spinning and ending up in any direction. Just hold on tight! It can be used by adults and kids alike, you’ll find it hard to resist giving it a go. 

Serious ski fans will know this toy to be a nod to the old-school skier Shane McConkey who used the saucer to do tricks and ski huge terrain as a spoof version of himself. His old video will give adults a good laugh but isn’t to be attempted yourself!


kid in snow

Snow tubes, scooters, and saucers can be amazing fun but all come with risk. These products generally don’t come with brakes and can be difficult to control, meaning safety must be taken seriously.

The manufacturers will give their own advice but generally, if it’s a fast-moving snow toy, wear a helmet and only take on gentle slopes.

Snow may seem soft and fluffy but it makes for a hard fall. Avoid cuts, bruises, or worse by wearing long sleeves and appropriate safety equipment much like you would when skiing.

Age Appropriateness

Snow Man

All manufacturers will give an age guide for their products, not adhering to this may be dangerous. Any fast-moving snow toys will be for older kids, a snow tube is not for putting a baby on and letting them race downhill. You may also be tempted to put your baby on your lap whilst riding some of these toys, it’s highly recommended to avoid doing so.

Transportability and storage

If you’re thinking about bringing some snow toys on your next ski vacation or want some to keep at home, you’ll want to consider how well they pack away. If you’ve not got a large storage space there are plenty of compactable options for you and the roll-up sled is a winner for taking away on vacation!

Final Thoughts

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With countless awesome snow toys on offer, you’re bound to find the right toy for your little one. The 10 snow toys listed above include something for everyone and can involve the whole family, creating lasting happy family memories.