Anton or Lech? Which is Better & Can You Ski Between These Austrian Resorts?

by Kenny Jarvis | Updated: July 27th, 2023 |  Austria

Both Lech and St. Anton are wonderful places to ski and it’s no surprise that many skiers and snowboarders are wondering if you can ski both. If that’s what you’re hoping to do then read on for some good news!

Yes, you can ski from St. Anton to Lech, however you’d need to be a highly experienced skier to do so. Thankfully, there is a shortcut! There are now gondolas connecting the two areas which avoid a difficult skiing trip.

St Anton Austria

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How To Ski from St. Anton to Lech

The Arlberg region of Austria is world-renowned for its picturesque ski resorts and expansive alpine skiing. With over 340 kilometers of marked trails, the area provides ample opportunity for both beginner and expert skiers to enjoy the scenery and challenge themselves on the slopes.

ski st Anton
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You can ski from St. Anton to Lech. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the route is only recommended for experienced skiers due to the steep terrain and potential for avalanches.

Second, the trip should only be attempted in good weather conditions as the fog can quickly roll in and obscure the trail. Finally, make sure to stop at one of the many huts along the way to refuel and rest before continuing on your journey.

St. Anton cross country skiing
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Skiing from St. Anton to Lech is truly an unforgettable experience. The stunning views of the Alps combined with the thrill of descent make it a journey that any ardent skier will want to add to their list, but the new gondola is a tempting alternative.

With the Flexenbahn gondola, this is now the largest interlinked ski area in Austria. It has 87 ski lifts and about 305 km of runs! This allows skiers to traverse the whole area (St. Anton, Pettneu, St. Christoph, Stuben, Lech, Zürs, and Klösterle).

It means you can travel from St. Anton to Lech and vice versa. The Flexenbahn gondola was constructed in 2016, with a speed of 6 meters per second and a carrying capacity of 2,400 people per hour.

Why Travel to St. Anton?

Combining classical charm and current conveniences, St. Anton's expansive, high-altitude ski region and lively milieu truly set it apart as a world-class ski destination.

St Anton Austria to view

Every ski level is catered here and it is considered the hub of Austria's snowsports, which is in the vast Arlberg Cirque of the Tyrolean Alps. It offers extensive skiing, picturesque views, and intense partying thanks to its stunning mountain scenery and legendary après ski.

It's also very accessible, as it is only two minutes away from the train station and less than an hour's drive from the airport. This is also home to ski competitions, including the renowned Arlberg-Kandahar Race in 1928 and World Cup in 2001. The Arlberg lift pass provides access to 280 km of superb, designated trails in addition to 180km of amazing off-piste.

If you've had enough of skiing and pampering is on the agenda, the Arlberg WellCom offers indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, and steam rooms. At the arl.rock Sport and Climbing Centre you can go climbing indoors and outdoors, bowling, and play tennis, squash, volleyball, football.

There is an outdoor ice rink and toboggan slide that are both illuminated with floodlights if you want to take in the scenery even more. The Arlberg region has many spots to go for walks, and you can arrange an excursion for either a daytime or a nighttime trek.

Try paragliding or take a horse-drawn sleigh ride for a great delight. Perhaps it's also good to note that St. Anton is also the film location of the romantic comedy, Chalet Girl, which stars Felicity Jones and Ed Westwick.

Why Travel to Lech?

Lech exudes classic alpine beauty and was even named 2004's Prettiest Village in Europe. It has a top-notch ski resort and some of the greatest snow in the Alps.

Lech Europe

If you're comfortable on the snowy slopes, Lech is fantastic because it has tons of intermediate pistes plus a vast off-piste area. Go to the Rüfikopf region, which is directly across from Oberlech, and rip down a steep descent if you're up for a challenge.

The 180-kilometer natural, rough terrain in the Arlberg region makes for some thrilling deep powder freeriding. You can find some fantastic runs up near Zurs and experience an incredible heli-drop on the Schneetäli at 2,450 meters or the Mehlsack at 2,652 meters!

When the day is finally over, it's time for drinks! You can't go to Lech without trying their famous Jagertee, an alcoholic punch mixture of rum and spiced black tea, to warm the insides after skiing.

Lech has five-star hotels, upscale shops, piano bars, and renowned restaurants. There are also wellness and sports centers if you fancy other activities. Another must-try is ice-climbing to make your stay here truly unforgettable.

This is also the film location for the funny scene in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Don't worry, if you are a beginner, we guarantee you that you won't experience a fiasco like that if you take advantage of Lech's top-notch training and easy slopes.

Ski st Anton Austria

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Final Thoughts

The construction the gondolas has made traveling from St. Anton to Lech slopes incredibly easy. It means you don’t have to pick between the two resorts and can simply enjoy them both.

Don’t want the easy life? Well, you can challenge yourself and ski between the two if you’re an experienced skier. However you do it, traveling to this beautiful Austrian region will give you an incredible skiing vacation.